29. October 2014


5 Reasons why you should adopt a Dog

If you’re planning to get a new pet dog as a family pet or a companion at home, you might want to consider adopting one instead of getting a puppy from the pet store. Adopting a dog comes with a number of benefits that are support causes of giving dogs a better life.

You’ll save their Life

There are around 2.7 million cats and dogs that are fit for adoption but end up getting euthanized each year in the US along. This is because a lot of people give their pets up and very little people actually adopt animals from shelters. These shelters do the best they can to give these animals a new home and family, but because of the limited space, many of them have to make hard decisions and euthanize the animals who are not adopted.
adopt a dog
Pet’s form Shelters are Healthier

Rescue groups and animal shelters are filled with healthy, happy animals that are just waiting and hoping for someone with a big heart to take them home with them. Shelters often give health check-ups and vaccinations to the animals that they rescue or are given to them. Many are also neutered and spayed before they get adopted. They also get better medical care and are screened for certain behaviors and temperaments.

It’ll save you Money

Adoption is a less expensive option compared to buying a new pet from a pet store. They’re already given the shots and vaccines that they need and they’re also neutered and spayed so you won’t have to spend a few extra dollars on their health anymore.

Adopting helps Solve Issues with Puppy Mills and Dog Pits

Puppy mills and dog pits are big problems when it comes to animal rights. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that are like factories, producing a large number of puppies and don’t even give them proper health care. Most of the puppies that are raised in a puppy mill grow up in very poor conditions. Dog pits, on the other hand, breed dogs and train them for fighting which is horrific and can kill the animal. By adopting, profits that support these mills and pits will go down and hopefully eradicate the horrible business.

It’ll make you Feel Better

Adopting a dog from a shelter will definitely make you feel good. You get a dog that’s not only happy and healthy, you actually did something that helps support animal rights and gave a dog another chance to live with a happy and loving family.

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13. October 2014


4 Ways to keep your Dog’s Exercise Routine in the Colder Months

During the colder months when the ground is covered with snow and the days are shorter, dog owners find it difficult for them to find ways to give their dogs enough exercise. Exercise is an important routine that shouldn’t stop just because it’s cold out. If your dog lacks exercise, they could have too much energy pinned up which can actually cause aggression. On days when it’s just impossible for you to take your dog out, there are ways for you to give your dog it’s much needed exercise time.

Pit bull

Here are the top 4 ways for you to keep your pup’s routine going through the winter months.

Play Games with Them

Play a round of hide and seek. It’s both physically and mentally engaging for them. You can also hide a treat or their favorite toy, however its way more interesting if they actually come and find you. You can start by throwing treats at the dog so it goes away and then hide in another room. The game can tire your dog out as they rush around searching for things, and it’s also a good way to reinforce the “come” command.

Challenge their Nose

Dogs naturally have an incredible sense of smell. You can give them an exercise by planning an activity that lets them use their nose. Make your dog work for their dinner by making a simple obstacle course that they need to finish to get their food.

Indoor Walks and Treadmills

Although there are treadmills specifically made for dogs, you really don’t have to spend for one. Human treadmills are fine, as long as you take precautions. Your dog might get scared and panic on the treadmill, so spend a couple of days familiarizing the machine to them. Use a slow, but not too slow, speed and stand right in front of the machine holding a treat. Once your dog gets used to walking on it, you can turn the speed up.

Go Outside

Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean your dog’s going to hate it. Medium sized to big sized dogs can do very well in the snow, in fact some of them love spending time in it. Take your dog out to the yard and see how they react to it. If they seem to have fun playing around the cold, then spend some time outside. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time out and that the dog can retreat back inside if it feels too cold.

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8. October 2014


Indestructible Toys for your Pit Bull

We can deny that pits are very powerful dogs so pit bull owners usually end up buying them a number of toys to keep them happy and occupied. Choosing a toy can be difficult, especially if you want to get one that can last a long time.

Indestructible Toys for your Pit Bull

Here are a few toys to choose from that’s “Indestructible”.

Squeaker Mat Toy

Dogs love squeaky toys. There’s something about the sound they make that really gets them excited. Dogs actually lose interest in their toy once the squeaky sound is gone, so the best thing to get them is one with multiple squeakers. Squeaker Mat Toy is a plush mat which has a number of squeakers placed inside. They don’t have stuffing that could cause your house to get messed up or end up in your dog’s stomach. The down side of this toy is that it can get really noisy.

Diamond Plate Orbee Ball

Dogs love to play with balls. The common tennis ball, although inexpensive, can’t really withstand the jaws of a pit bull. This toy is one of the most durable balls in the market, so your dog can really enjoy playing with it for a long time.

Zogoflex Hurley

Does your pit love to go swimming? Then this toy is the best thing to get them. Instead of losing another tennis ball, you can get them this floating chew toy that’s perfect for water activities. A great thing about this toy is that the manufacturer guaranties that the toy is very sturdy and that if it does get destroyed, they will replace it. Its neon colors make them really easy to spot on the ground or even on the grass.

Jolly Pet Romp-n-Roll

Multi-purpose toys are the best things to buy. This toy can be used in a number of ways, tug-o-war, fetch, a ball to chew on, just to name a few. The ball also makes the toy float so it’s a good option for dogs that love to play in the water.

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur

This doesn’t only keep your dog happy and preoccupied, it’s also good for their teeth. One of the most common things dog owners forget to do is to make sure they keep their pet’s teeth clean and healthy. This toy is actually a dental bone which can withstand all the biting and chewing of your dog. Other than a T-Rex, there’s also a Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus design.

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2. October 2014


6 Ways to Make your Pit Bull less Aggressive to Strangers

One of the reasons why people are still afraid of Pit Bulls, even though these dogs are actually less aggressive than other common breeds, is that they their looks can make them very intimidating. Training your dog to become less aggressive and more open and friendly to strangers is a great way to educate people […]

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26. September 2014


10 Fruits you can use as Treat for your Dog

Have you ever considered giving your Pit Bull fruits as a treat? Dogs can actually get a good amount of vitamins and minerals from fruits. It’s a healthy treat and your dog will love their sweet taste. Here are 10 fruits you can give to your dogs as treats. Apples They’re a great source of […]

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25. September 2014


4 Benefits of Training your Pit Bull at Home

Most dog owners find training their four-legged fried as a challenge. Some dogs are very fast learners and only need a few minutes to learn a new trick or pattern while other dogs might need more time. For pit bulls, basic training is important because these dogs commonly have strong personalities and a little obedience […]

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24. September 2014


Adopt Bandit, the friendly pit bull rescue dog

Bandit is a wonderful young dog that is sweet, funny, and smart. He loves nothing more than cuddling or playing with his people! He is always ready for adventure… or taking a nap on your lap, if you prefer. He is also rock solid with other dogs and everybody thinks it’s adorable when he play […]

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24. September 2014


Feral pitbull puppy gets new home after worldwide response to dog’s plight in Saginaw

SAGINAW, MI — Elaine Thompson, Saginaw County’s interim animal control director, said there were limited options for a feral pitbull puppy picked up by officers on Sept. 8. The dog was initially designated as No. 9238 and, because it bit someone, was not initially considered “adoptable.” But now, in the dog’s new home, he is known […]

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19. September 2014


5 Fruits that you should Avoid Feeding to Dogs

Many of us love try to give our dogs a homemade meal with fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy, but there are a few of them that can actually cause your dog digestive problems. Here are 5 types of fruits that you’d want to steer clear of for your dog’s diet. Macadamia Nuts Biscuits […]

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8. September 2014


Rescued pit bull alerts Mansfield owner to house fire

MANSFIELD – Jacob Martin saved his dog Buddy from abandonment less than two months ago. On Sunday, it was Buddy’s turn to repay the favor. Martin said his dog woke him up Sunday morning and alerted him to a burning vacant building next door — which he had been renting and renovating — allowing him […]

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