20. August 2014


Five Things about Pit Bulls that you Probably Didn’t Know

Pit bulls are amazing dogs. They’re smart, loyal and friendly family pets. Although they have gotten a bad rep over the years because of a number of attacks on people, but this bad rep is slowly fading and many people are now considering of getting a pit bull as pets.
Below are five things that you might not know about pits.

Five Things about Pit Bulls that you Probably Didn’t Know

Aggression is Determined in Three Ways

Keep in mind that aggression is not directly linked to a dog’s breed and that all dogs can be aggressive. Through all kinds of dogs, there are three different factors that can determine aggression. First, the dog’s function. Comparing a guard dog to a family pet, one is definitely going to be more prone to aggression compared to the other. Second is the owner’s responsibility. Did the owner actually take the time to train and educate their dog on how to behave around strangers and other dogs? And lastly, reproductive status. Male and female dogs act differently when they’re around dogs in the same sex and when they’re in heat.

Pit Bull’s Attack through Instinctive

Violence has long been connected to the pit bull’s history. These dogs were bred to become fighters.Bred instincts are common amongst dogs, like how herding dogs instantly know how to round up a heard or how greyhounds tend to run really fast. Although it is natural for them to show these behaviors, they can still be managed through training.

There are Other Ways to Keep your Pit Calm

Besides training them to behave, neutering them is also an effective way to minimize their aggressive tendencies. This helps by eliminating hormonal changes the dog goes thought as they mature and undergo heat. It can also help control pet population.

Statistics has Two Sides

When you look up pit bulls, you’re most likely going to come by statistics on how many people have been attacked or bitten by them. A reputation like this isn’t really that easy to fix, even though newer data actually shows that other dog breeds have bitten more people compared to the total number of cases pits have. Again, the pit bull’s aggressive tendency is sensationalizes, especially by media, so dig a little deeper to really get to know more about them.

Laws will usually Side with the Injured

Different places have different laws on dog aggression cases. Some places even make the dog owners liable for jail time if their dog bit someone. If you keep pit bulls as pets, you need to look up on the specific laws and regulations in your area.

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19. August 2014


9 Tricks to Teach your Dog

Simple tricks are not only cute and entertaining. The process of them learning it is a good way to teach them discipline. It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it’s just that they are easier to train when they’re just puppies. So if you adopted an older dog, then teaching them a trick or two might take a bit longer.

Pit bull tricks

Here are a few simple tricks that you can teach your dog.


This trick involves the dog placing their chest on the ground without lowering their rear end. It sounds hard to teach them, but bowing is actually a very natural thing that dogs do.

Back Up

Not only is this a good trick, but it can be used to stop
them from running out doors, jumping on you while you get them food, basically just to stop them from getting too excited and hyper about something.

Shake Paws

Teach them how to greet like us. Shaking paws is probably one of the easiest tricks that you can teach your dog. You just need to cue them to place one of their paws in your hands and you can shake it.


Another fun trick that you can teach your dog as a way of greeting other people. This trick comes after learning how to shake paws.


This is a good way to help discipline dogs that have problems with excessive barking. You can actually train them to bark under certain situation, which lets your control when it should stop barking. It’s also a fun way to show them off around people.


Dogs love to chase their own tails around, so why not capitalize on this and control it to turn it into a trick. They actually have a sense of direction, so you can teach them to spin going right and left with different commands.


Although not everyone appreciates a wet smooch from a dog, it’s still a cute trick to teach. You can teach them to ether touch their nose on someone’s cheek or actually lick it.

Roll Over

This is a classic trick to teach any dog. It’s also the basis of a number of other tricks. It’s difficult to teach this since it has a lot of steps, but just be patient.

Play Dead

From roll over, you can build up the trick into play dead. Your cue can be pointing your fingers like a gun at them and then saying “bang” to give it more effect.

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3. August 2014


Types of Crates and their Pros and Cons

At times, you’re going to need to place your dog inside a crate. Whether it’s for traveling or for home, the right crate is important to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe.

Below are a few common crates and their perks and downsides.


Wire Crates

Great for dogs that are covered with fur since it keeps them cool. Some wire crates also come with dividers so it grows along with your dog. Easy storage since they can be flattened and they’re easy to clean. However, they’re noisier when the dog moves around. Escape-artist dogs can easily break out. Larger wire crates can be difficult to move.

Plastic Crates

Dog that love cozy spaces and corners will love these crates. They’re a great choice for traveling crates since they can be taken along with airline travel. It’s difficult for dogs to break out of these crates. These also come in a variety of colors. However, it’s hot. Not much air circulates around the plastic. Difficult to clean, you might even need a hose to blast off any poo.

Soft-sided Crates

They’re very portable and lightweight, great for small dogs. Good for camping, picnics, and car travel. They’re also easy to store. However, it’s very difficult to clean them.  Destructive dogs may tare through these crates and some would even find ways to unzip the door and escape.
Heavy-Duty Crates

These crates can contain even the most destructive dogs. Escape-artist dogs will have a hard time getting out of these. Some designs are approved for plane travel. However, they can be quite expensive.

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1. August 2014


Three Pillars of Health for Dogs

Many of us have pet dogs that we treat as one with the family. Their health is in our hands and taking care of them can be a big task at times. Dr. Karen Becker, a practicing veterinarian, talks about how we should take care of our pet dogs and even gives a guild on […]

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1. August 2014


Multi-Vitamins for Dogs – Common Questions

What most dog owners don’t realize is that they can actually give their pets vitaminsto keep them healthy. These vitamins can help improve their pet’s life quality and boost their immune system to fight of illnesses. They also help regulate their body processes, ease digestion and nutrient absorption, and maintain a healthy coat and skin. […]

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25. July 2014


Pits in the City – Moving into An Apartment

Some of us find ourselves in a situation where when have to move into a smaller space, like an apartment in the city, because of a number of reasons. This might sound exciting, but what if you have a pet Pit Bull? Moving can also be stressful for your pets since they have to get […]

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24. July 2014


Dog-Proofing your Home

Dog owners often miss out on making sure that their homes are ready for a dog. Most of the time they just buy the supplies needed for their new pup, but don’t really notice the little things at home that can actually hurt the new dog. Below are a few tips on how you can […]

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23. July 2014


Benefits and Downsides of Giving Dogs Chicken Bones

Dogs love to chew and nibble on bones. Dog owners usually give these as treats but giving them bones, especially chicken bones, does have its pros and cons. Raw Vs. Cooked Before anything else, dog owners need to be aware about the difference between raw and cooked bones. Raw bones tend to be more flexible […]

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21. July 2014


Types of Food to Give to your Dog for A Shiny Coat

A shiny coat always looks beautiful on any dog. It takes more than just grooming and bathing to give them wonderful fur, they also need a good, well-balanced diet. Fat is Important Most dog owners believe that there dog won’t need fat, especially if they just stay at home all day. But fats actually play […]

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20. July 2014


Tips on Making an Adopted Dog Feel more at Home

When adopting an older dog, you have to get your home ready so your dog will feel more comfortable. It’ll also be easier for them to become used to the new environment. Adopting an older dog can help dogs from shelters get a second chance and start a new life with you and your family. […]

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