26. January 2015


6 Myths about Colder Seasons and Dogs

There are a lot of misconception about dogs and colder seasons. Dog owners often then to just keep their pets inside their homes, but our dogs would love to spend some time outside to play or stretch their legs. Below are 6 of the most common cold season dog care myths and the reality behind them.

Salt doesn’t damage their paws

When it snows, a lot of people place salt or other products to help melt the ice and snow. Some of these products can actually burn your dog’s sensitive paws, so you have to be very careful about where the dog spends their time outside. Some of these products are marked pet safe, so use these in your own lawn. Many dog owners would spread some petroleum jelly on their dog’s paws, but it can tend to stick on the floor and carpet. Baby wipes are also good to use.
Colder Seasons and Dogs
Dog boots are fashion fads

Boots aren’t just fashion fads. They’re useful when it comes to protecting your dog’s feet from the cold and substances on the ground. The insides of their boots need to be kept dry and clean. Avoid putting them on your dog for extended periods of time. Your dog should look comfortable in their boots. If they look like they’re having a hard time walking in them, they’re ether too tight or too loose.

Dogs can tolerate the cold better than humans

Some dogs can, and some dogs can’t. Dogs who originate from cold areas and have thick coats can handle the cold better than other dogs and humans while those who have shorter coats might find the cold weather uncomfortable. If your dog stays outside, make sure it has shelter from the snow and wind or you can just give them a spot inside the house.

Since they have fur, they don’t need anything else to keep them warm

Short haired dogs need a little help in keeping themselves warm during the cold months. Get them a coat that covers their body but doesn’t obstruct movement. For indoor heating pads, avoid using electric heating beds or pads since these could cause burns. Instead, use blankets to help them stay warm.

Dry eyes can’t be stopped

Dry eyes are common amongst dogs during the cold seasons. Symptoms include mucus discharge, irritation around the eye area and conjunctivitis. If this isn’t treated, the surface of their eyes can become scratched and affect their vision. The best way to avoid this is to use Vetericynor artificial tears to moisten their eyes.

Some dogs are immune to cold weather

Dogs like German shepherds,St. Bernard’s and Huskies might look like they can stand harsh winters, but it’s important that they are also kept warm and comfortable when it’s too cold outside. Some dogs really do love the cold, so observe how the dog reacts around the cold. If they start to shiver and want to go back inside the house, don’t hesitate to let it in.

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23. January 2015


One Major Kentucky City Launches ‘Pit Bull Dogs Are Family’ Campaign To Spread Adoption Awareness

One Major Kentucky City Launches Pit Bull Dogs Are Family Campaign To Spread Adoption Awareness
Among dog breeds, it is no secret that the pit bull breed of dogs, or variations, get a bad reputation. Based on this reputation, it makes it near impossible for most shelters to be able to get the dogs adopted and place them in good homes. To make matters worse, many states or communities have bans or restrictive ordinances that make ownership extremely difficult. Despite the fact that, as the Inquisitr reported, states like Washington and Utah are seeking to ban pit bull bans, many still exist.Now, three organizations in Louisville, Kentucky, are taking a different approach to helping the pit bull breed’s tarnished image. According to Wave 3 News, Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Saving Sunny launched the initiative called “Pit Bull Dogs Are Family” Wednesday.

The initiative is putting ads on the sides of 60 local buses and billboards, according to WLKY. Also, local media have been donating ads and PSAs. The ads had photographs families with pit bulls and their owners. The idea behind the pit bull campaign is to encourage animal lovers and other residents without pit bulls to adopt one from one of their local shelters.

Ultimately, they hope it increases pit bull adoption by showing everyday people with everyday dogs that they personally own. The website has the same pictures, but with testimonials about their lives as pit bull owners. The introduction on the website breaks down the different possible pet related functions a pit bull can accomplish, if you were to adopt one.

“Are you looking for a loving lap dog, the world’s greatest kisser, a snuggle bunny, a Frisbee catcher, or a couch potato? Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, Saving Sunny, and Best Friends Animal Society encourage you to get to know a pit bull terrier. Everyday people—your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family—are adopting these everyday dogs, and you can too! There are many loving pitties in local shelters who are looking for great homes. All they need is you!”

Throughout the one page, which is where the “Pit bulls are family” are located on Louisville’s city website, there are links to local animal shelters that have pit bulls for adoption.

The Louisville Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Saving Sunny, according to WLKY, do a lot of work saving animals in general. The campaign could go a long way for the pit bull breed.

Although, at this point there has been no information regarding other communities taking up similar actions. It might be wise for pit bull owners and supporters to consider it, and it could go long way for the breed writ large.

What are your thoughts? Is this a good campaign to carry out? Are there better ways?

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22. January 2015


5 Table Foods that are Should Not be Given to Dogs

Our pet dogs often find ways to grab our attention, especially during meal time. This is a familiar scene for dog owners, and they often give-in to their pet and give them some of whatever they’re eating. Table scraps are fine every now and then as a treat, but there are some foods that should never be given to our pets. Below are a few.


Yes, puppies need milk. But they need milk from their mother and not from cows. Dogs don’t really have systems that carry the certain enzyme that breaks down lactose. So if you give them a bowl of milk, or milk-based items such as ice cream, they might end up with digestive issues like diarrhea or an upset stomach, and a big mess for you to clean up. If your dog really needs milk, you can find milk substitutes that are specifically made for them in bigger pet shops.
Dog foods should not eat

Not that bones are bad for your dog, they can actually help them get better oral health. It’s the small ones like chicken bones you should be wary about. These tend to be really sharp when they break and crack, which could end up hurting your dog’s throat. You’re better off giving them bigger bones to boost their oral health. This can scrape off plaque from their teeth, prevents bad breath and stimulates their gums.

Raw Meat

Sometimes, our dogs also hang around when we’re preparing food. Although some people give their dog raw meat, they can be a reason why bacteria like salmonella and E. coli gets transmitted. This causes them to get sick and have digestive issues. If you do give your dog raw meat, make sure it comes from safe, clean and reliable meat shops.

Garlic and Onions

These are usually present in any savory recipe. They add a lot of flavor to any dish, but they can be harmful to dogs, these foods triggering an irritation in their digestive tract which possibly leads to severe red blood cell damage, liver damage and asthma attacks. Immediate signs include diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and discolored urine.


We all love guacamole, but avocados contain a substance called persin which is increadibly toxic to animals. When ingested, this can cause them to have problems breathing, inflammation of their mammary glands, and fluid accumulating around their heart. In worse cases, dogs can even die because of this.

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18. January 2015


4 Perks of Adopting A Rescued Shelter Dog

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs are rescued all over the world. Most of these dogs are often abandoned by their previous owners, or are left in the streets. Some are also rescued from dog pits where they are forced to fight and mills where they are abused though over-breeding. Animal shelters all over […]

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14. January 2015


6 Holiday Foods you shouldn’t give to your Dog

The holidays are about to end and this means that you’ll have a lot of left overs to deal with. Giving some to your pet dogs might sound like a good idea as a treat, but you should be careful about what holiday food you give them. Below are 8 holiday foods that can actual […]

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10. January 2015


5 Natural Ways to give your Dog a Healthier Coat

Poor nutrition is the most common cause for dull coats. It’s important that your dog gets a good diet composed of real protein sources and vitamins without too much fillers like soy, wheat and corn that can actually cause allergies. Medical conditions can also cause their coat to look patchy and lack shine. Parasites like […]

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7. January 2015


6 Ways to Know If a Pup Comes from a Puppy Mill

When choosing a dog, it’s important that you know where it comes from. Most pet shops claim that the puppies they sell come from reliable kennels or breeders. However there’s a very dark side to where puppies might come from and it not only violates animal rights, it also has an effect on the dog’s […]

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3. January 2015


5 Causes of Dog Depression

Yes, believe it or not, your dog can also suffer from depression. This can severely affect their behavior and health, and it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Depression amongst dogs can be triggered by a number of things. Below are the top causes to help you understand their situation and help them. […]

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30. December 2014


5 Pit Bull Myths You Need to Discard Now

Perhaps, no breed of dog has undergone so much abuse and maltreatment as the pit bull. And though it is certainly one of the more well-known dogs – if not the most well-known – history has not been so kind to the breed. It has been in the heart of many dogfights and at the […]

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25. December 2014


How to Land The Perfect Dog For Your Happy Family

For all the joys it brings, there may be no decision worth looking into by your family more than zeroing in on a family dog. Fact is, having a hairy pooch enter your domain not only gives your abode the extra protection it needs,it teaches your kids responsibility over time. A trait not so easily […]

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