8. September 2014


Rescued pit bull alerts Mansfield owner to house fire

MANSFIELD – Jacob Martin saved his dog Buddy from abandonment less than two months ago.

On Sunday, it was Buddy’s turn to repay the favor.

Martin said his dog woke him up Sunday morning and alerted him to a burning vacant building next door — which he had been renting and renovating — allowing him time to call firefighters and prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring houses.

Rescued pit bull alerts Mansfield to house fire

“If I didn’t have my dog there, I would have slept through it,” Martin said. “He’s a great dog.”

As Martin slept, the smoke and fire from the nearby house at 590 Harold Ave. drew the attention of Buddy, who ran to his owner’s side to wake him up.

Martin called 9-1-1 and firefighters responded at 4:23 a.m. — spending about two hours to contain the fire to the vacant house, which collapsed on itself and burned to the ground.

There were no injuries in the fire and the house was considered a total loss.

Martin and Buddy, a pit bull, had been together for only about a month and a half before the fire broke out.

Martin, a local auto mechanic, received word from a co-worker that a neighbor had moved out in the middle of the night and left Buddy to fend for himself without food or water.

The property owner found Buddy and let him out of the house. The property owner did not have space for another dog, so Martin gave him a home.

And Buddy made sure to save it.

Martin had been renting the vacant house with the goal of owning it. He said he had made all sorts of renovations to the house during the past few months, including the installation of new flooring, the replacement of siding and the beginnings of a new workshop inside the one-car garage area.

Martin had put $1,800 of his own money into the flooring alone — not including the loss of tools and other contents.

“I didn’t have renter’s insurance,” he said. “I wish I did now.”

As for Martin’s house, the paint near the top of the house burned and his electric meter facing the vacant house melted. There were no other losses.

Neither firefighters nor Martin had any idea what caused the fire. A firefighter contacted a fire investigator by phone, but the investigator did not visit the scene as firefighters do not believe the fire was intentionally started.

Regardless of the cause, Martin said he is fortunate no one was hurt during the fire.

Part of that is because of Buddy.

“He’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever had,” Martin said.

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8. September 2014


Lexi The One-Eyed Pit Bull Leaves A Legacy Of Love

It’s impossible to know what Lexi’s life was like before she was discovered tied up to a Brooklyn fence, bleeding from her eye and her nose.

Jackie O’Sullivan with Second Chance Rescue thinks Lexi’s previous family might have become overwhelmed by medical needs, which were many — Lexi had a massive tumor in her head — and figured abandonment could offer the two-year-old’s only chance.
“They probably tied her to that fence in the hopes that somebody would help her,” she says.

Somebody did. In late March, Lexi was pulled from the New York City animal shelter by Second Chance, a New York-based pit bull rescue group that specializes in dogs who have been abused or neglected, or have serious medical needs. She was brought straight to the emergency veterinarian, who removed the dog’s bum eye and as much of the tumor as could be gotten.

Then Lexi underwent three weeks of intense radiation treatment, after which she was fostered by veterinarians and staff from Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, who — like everyone who came into contact with Lexi, either in real life or on her Facebook page, which has more than 62,000 fans — had fallen in love.

The radiation was supposed to buy Lexi another one to two years, says O’Sullivan. But a couple of weeks after finishing treatment, “the tumor started to grow again. It basically was a monster.”

There was nothing to be done at that point, except to make Lexi happy.

When she wasn’t acting as a canine receptionist at the vet’s office, Lexi got playdates with doggie friends. She went hiking.

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8. September 2014


4 Diet Choices for your Pit Bull

A healthy diet is important for any dog, but choosing which diet to stick with is a bit of a challenge. You go to the store and browse through a number of brands and names which all promise a healthy diet for your pup, but you can also make their meals at home. Not to mention you also have to consider treats and supplements that you can give them.
Diet Choices for your Pit Bull
Below are the top dog food choices you can make for your pet and what they can offer.

1.    Commercial Dog Food

Commercial dog food has everything your dog needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Although there are hundreds of brands to choose from, they all basically contain certain nutrients that are vital for your pet’s health. Some brands are specially made for certain breeds, like ones that can help muscle development for bulkier dogs. Some are also made specifically for dogs of different ages. You can get puppy food or dog food for older dogs that contain a specific formula that’s fit for their age. Gourmet dog food is also available, but these tend to be more expensive.

2.    Frozen Cooked Food

This is an alternative for people who want to save on dog food but don’t want to give their dogs kibble every day. Frozen food is easy to store, inexpensive and you can get different varieties. The down side of giving these to your dog is that they’re not really that fresh, so most of the nutrients are already gone. You also have to make sure that it’s thawed out completely before giving it to your pet which can take some time.

3.    Home-made Dog Food

If you want to be sure that your dog is getting nothing but the freshest and finest ingredients, then a home-made based meal is the best choice. You’re assured that your dog is eating something fresh which is less likely to cause digestive problems and it won’t contain any added chemicals and preservatives. However, preparing their meals can be a bit time consuming so you have to be good at setting meals that you can easily prepare for them. You’re also going to need to familiarize yourself with nutrients that you’re dog needs and the types of food where you can get them.

4.    Raw Food

Some dog owners say that the best thing to give to your dog is a diet based on raw food. It’s common for dog owners to give their pets a raw piece of meat to chew on. These have both positive and negative effects. Dogs who are on raw food based diets tend to be leaner since they get a lot of protein, but raw food could also cause food poisoning, so make sure the meat is very fresh when you feed it to them.

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27. August 2014


6 “Human” Food for your Dog’s Diet

Dogs and humans have very different nutritional needs. Dog food contains a very specific mix of vitamins and minerals needed for our pets to grow so it’s important that this remains their main food source, however, there are a few benefits on feeding dogs “human” food. Below are a few common types of food we […]

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26. August 2014


4 Common Pitbull Crossbreeds

Pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation, but these dogs have started to become a common family pet in recent years. Many parents consider getting their kids a pet pit bull, and many pit bull advocates have shown how this dog can turn into the best family dog. It’s very common to see pit bull […]

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20. August 2014


Five Things about Pit Bulls that you Probably Didn’t Know

Pit bulls are amazing dogs. They’re smart, loyal and friendly family pets. Although they have gotten a bad rep over the years because of a number of attacks on people, but this bad rep is slowly fading and many people are now considering of getting a pit bull as pets. Below are five things that […]

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19. August 2014


9 Tricks to Teach your Dog

Simple tricks are not only cute and entertaining. The process of them learning it is a good way to teach them discipline. It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it’s just that they are easier to train when they’re just puppies. So if you adopted an older dog, then teaching […]

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3. August 2014


Types of Crates and their Pros and Cons

At times, you’re going to need to place your dog inside a crate. Whether it’s for traveling or for home, the right crate is important to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe. Below are a few common crates and their perks and downsides. Wire Crates Great for dogs that are covered with fur […]

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1. August 2014


Three Pillars of Health for Dogs

Many of us have pet dogs that we treat as one with the family. Their health is in our hands and taking care of them can be a big task at times. Dr. Karen Becker, a practicing veterinarian, talks about how we should take care of our pet dogs and even gives a guild on […]

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1. August 2014


Multi-Vitamins for Dogs – Common Questions

What most dog owners don’t realize is that they can actually give their pets vitaminsto keep them healthy. These vitamins can help improve their pet’s life quality and boost their immune system to fight of illnesses. They also help regulate their body processes, ease digestion and nutrient absorption, and maintain a healthy coat and skin. […]

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