10. November 2014


4 Holiday Items your Dog Needs to Keep Away From

It’s that time of the year where everyone feels really excited about seeing the family and spending dinners with friends to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Though our busy schedules, we tend to give less attention to our dogs. They’re probably as excited as we are with all the people dropping by. However, there are a few things you need to keep away from your dog. They might end up getting sick or hurt because of these. Below is a list.

There seems to be an unlimited supply of sweets and candies during the holidays, especially during Halloween. Dogs can eat sweets, but giving them too much might cause them to get really hyper. Artificial flavoring and ingredients may also have bad effects on your dog’s health. Chocolate is also a big no-no when it comes to dogs. Chocolates contain a certain component which is toxic to dogs. In fact, a baker’s once is enough to send a full grown pit bull to the vet.


Shiny and glittery decorations are beautiful to look at, but your dog might thing of these as toy and attempt to jump up and get them. Choose decorations that don’t reflect light to stop your dog’s curiosity. Avoid the ones that you place on the ground since your dogs can easily get their paws on these. Also, keep away from those with small, sharp parts because if your dog ever does get to these, they might end up cutting their mouth and sensitive gums.


It’s cute to dress your pet up during the holidays but they might find it annoying. If you do dress them up, make sure they’re actually comfortable in their costumes. Don’t let them ware costumes with parts that they can bite off. Also, avoid using really heavy costumes. Stick with the ones made with light, fabric-like materials so your dog can still feely move around.

Too Much Food

The holidays and food always go together. Your dog’s going to have a lot of left overs to enjoy, plus your guests might just drop it a few bits and pieces to enjoy every now and then. However, these little treats might give them digestive problems. Avoid over feeding your dog during the holidays and ask your guest not to give it food while you’re entertaining them. You can give them a holiday treat, but again, watch the portion for their meals to avoid giving them too much food.

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10. November 2014


4 Things to Remember When Choosing A Puppy

Picking out a puppy seems easy enough, but it actually matters a lot what you take a few careful consideration before bringing one home. Below are a few tips on choosing the right puppy for you, your family and your lifestyle.
Labrador puppies leaning on log at National Guide Dogs Breeding Centre, near Leamington Spa, Great Britain. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.
Physical Health

This is the most important aspect of choosing a puppy. A full examination by a vet is needed to get a more detailed look on the puppy’s physical condition, but there are a few general signs that they are in good health. A high energy level is one. Puppies tend to be energetic and alert, especially since they’re curious all the time. Look for bright, clear eyes that don’t have crust or sticky discharge. A healthy pup is a bit fat, but not too fat. Their coat should be shiny and attractive without any dandruff or bald spots. They should also react when you make noises near them.

Behavioral Health

Puppies with good social skills are most likely to grow into a well-developed dog that are sociable with people and other dogs. It should play nice with other pups and approach people calmly. Puppies that tend to be a bit too aggressive around other pups when playing are more likely to be dominant. Some puppies tend to be independent and would rather just explore their pen than to approach other pups or people. You should also spend a few minutes playing with the puppy and observe how it acts towards you. Behavioral concerns can be changed as you train your puppy, but it’s going to be easier if you choose one that already has the right behavior and social skills.

Environmental Sensitivity

Since puppies tend to be very curious, any stimulus from the environment should result in some kind of reaction. However, some puppies are a bit overly sensitive to environmental factors. Pups that are too sensitive can be a bit difficult to train and take care of since they spend too much of their energy and time worrying about the stimulus.

Personal Preference

Choose a puppy that you fall in love with. Some call it love at first sight, but it’s more on finding the one that you have a good feeling with. Remember, getting a puppy is a big responsibility. It’s a new companion and a new member of your family, so take good care of it.

Make sure that you choose a kennel or a pet shop where the dogs and other animals are treated well. Some places get their puppies from puppy mills which are very inhumane places and abuse mother dogs. Check the background of the place and ask about the history of the puppy’s bloodline.

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4. November 2014


10 Plants that can cause harm to your Dog

Dogs love to run and round outside and they can get curious about the plants around them. If you have a garden or yard, you might want to check if these plants are found there. These contain a certain toxic which can cause your dog to get sick.


Although lilies look beautiful in gardens, they have been known to cause pets to get sick, even if they’ve only taken in a small amount. They’re highly toxic to them, causing kidney damage, depression, gastrointestinal problems, tremors, and even death.
Plants that can harm dogs

These and all other plants that belong in the Rhododendron genus can be poisonous to dogs. They can cause coma, leg paralysis, hypotension, diarrhea, vomiting, and death.


Although these might taste good in cakes and jellies, Rhubarb leaves have oxalate, which causes kidney failure. If the dog continues to eat these leaves, they’re fatal to dogs and even cats if you have any.

Sago Palm

They look great in gardens, but these plants have poisonous leaves as well seed. If these get eaten by dogs, they can cause liver failure, seizures, depression,diarrhea and vomiting. They contain a toxin called cycasin which is fata, even in small amounts.

Castor Beans

This is another common ornamental plant. They contain ricin, which causes neurological problems, seizures, tremors, twitching, as well as coma and even death. Seeds can cause a burning sensation on in the dog’s throat and mouth.

Bulbs of Flowers

Flowering plants that come in bulbs like daffodils and tulips can cause indigestion in dogs and they contain a number of toxins. When eaten or chewed, they cause diarrhea, convulsion, and severe vomiting.

Morning Glory

These plants are commonly used as ornamental creepers that clime up trellises and arbors, but when digested, it can cause them to become disoriented and even experience hallucinations. The most dangerous parts of the plant are the seeds. Dogs that suffer from hallucinations can risk hurting others or themselves.


This lovely plant is dangerous because they contain cardiac glycosides. This substance, when eaten, causes uncoordinated movements, gastrointestinal tract irritations, abnormal heart functions, hypothermia, problems in breathing and even death caused by heart failure.

English Ivy

These climbing plants cause digestive issues when eaten. They can also cause problems with breathing, coma, and abdominal pain. Death can happen when eaten in large quantities.


One of the oldest and famous poisonous plants, these grow wild in certain areas so you need to be very careful and lean how to identify them. When ingested, they cause dilated pupils, muscle spasms, and foaming in the mouth. Death can happen in less than a few hours after eating it.

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29. October 2014


5 Reasons why you should adopt a Dog

If you’re planning to get a new pet dog as a family pet or a companion at home, you might want to consider adopting one instead of getting a puppy from the pet store. Adopting a dog comes with a number of benefits that are support causes of giving dogs a better life. You’ll save […]

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13. October 2014


4 Ways to keep your Dog’s Exercise Routine in the Colder Months

During the colder months when the ground is covered with snow and the days are shorter, dog owners find it difficult for them to find ways to give their dogs enough exercise. Exercise is an important routine that shouldn’t stop just because it’s cold out. If your dog lacks exercise, they could have too much […]

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8. October 2014


Indestructible Toys for your Pit Bull

We can deny that pits are very powerful dogs so pit bull owners usually end up buying them a number of toys to keep them happy and occupied. Choosing a toy can be difficult, especially if you want to get one that can last a long time. Here are a few toys to choose from […]

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2. October 2014


6 Ways to Make your Pit Bull less Aggressive to Strangers

One of the reasons why people are still afraid of Pit Bulls, even though these dogs are actually less aggressive than other common breeds, is that they their looks can make them very intimidating. Training your dog to become less aggressive and more open and friendly to strangers is a great way to educate people […]

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26. September 2014


10 Fruits you can use as Treat for your Dog

Have you ever considered giving your Pit Bull fruits as a treat? Dogs can actually get a good amount of vitamins and minerals from fruits. It’s a healthy treat and your dog will love their sweet taste. Here are 10 fruits you can give to your dogs as treats. Apples They’re a great source of […]

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25. September 2014


4 Benefits of Training your Pit Bull at Home

Most dog owners find training their four-legged fried as a challenge. Some dogs are very fast learners and only need a few minutes to learn a new trick or pattern while other dogs might need more time. For pit bulls, basic training is important because these dogs commonly have strong personalities and a little obedience […]

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24. September 2014


Adopt Bandit, the friendly pit bull rescue dog

Bandit is a wonderful young dog that is sweet, funny, and smart. He loves nothing more than cuddling or playing with his people! He is always ready for adventure… or taking a nap on your lap, if you prefer. He is also rock solid with other dogs and everybody thinks it’s adorable when he play […]

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