24. April 2014


Pros and Cons of Crate Training your Pit Bull

Crating your dog has always been a big controversy. Most people are fine with it, especially if they need to go somewhere and want to make sure that their pits are in a safe place, while others feel that it’s cruel to place them inside a cage.

Below are a few pros and cons when it comes to crate training your pit bull.


Crate training is a big help in discipline, especially with potty training puppies or even adult dogs.

You can confine your dog in a safe place when you have to, without having to deal with the stress of catching it. Your dog simply obeys you when you tell it to get into the crate.

sweet pit bulls in a crate

In case your dog needs to stay in a crate for some time, like when it needs to be left at the vet’s office, take a trip on a plane, or evacuated from the house, staying inside a crate is going to be less stressful for them if they are trained.

If your dog ever has to be left at a veterinarian’s office, travel on an airplane, or be evacuated from your home, being in a crate then will be far less stressful if he is already crate-trained.


Leaving a pit inside a crate for a very long time can make it feel anxious.

Pits who were rescued or spent too much time in a crate from their previous owners or shelter may feel upset when you place theme inside one.

Sometimes, when the dog is frantic, they can actually get themselves out of the crate, and might even hurt themselves.

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23. April 2014


Why it’s Fun to Own a Pit Bull

When it comes to the dog world, pit bulls are perhaps the most criticized breed on earth. The biggest reason for this is because these dogs are commonly being trained to become fighting dogs. Another reason is their affiliation of being the most chosen breed for gang members. They’re name has become linked to meanness and toughness and people tend to avoid them, not only as pets but even when they see them on the street.

However, the views on pit bulls have changed over the last few years. More and more advocates are showing how the real attitude and temperament of this beautiful breed. Pit bulls are definitely not vicious attackers that would jump on the first thing that moves. They’re also ideal pets, as long as owners train them well and treat them with love and respect.
Own a Pit Bull
Here are some reasons why it fun to own a pit bull.

They are actually very people-oriented. These dogs are social-loving pets. With the right training, they can turn into your friends and family’s favorite pet.

Pit bulls are really loving dogs. They play, kiss and cuddle with you and would even sit on your lap. They are however, heavy dogs, weighting at around 50 to 60 pounds.

They live to please. These dogs would do anything to make their owners happy. Pits even excel in dog shows especially with obedience competitions.

These dogs are active and playful. They’ll chase balls, Frisbees, sticks, and anything you want them to play with. Some owners even feel that these dogs are more active than they are.

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22. April 2014


Facts about the Pit Bull’s “Dangerous” Reputation

Pit bulls are usually not the most common dog families would choose as a house pet. There is still a stigma towards this breed and people are afraid of taking care of a pit. Are all the stories about this dog breed true?

Below are a few common myths about pit bulls and the truth behind them.

Pits are Naturally Vicious
They actually become vicious because they are trained to become vicious. Bad owners make bad dogs, and owning a pit bull is not an easy task. Many pit bull owners would just leave their dogs be and don’t give them proper training and socializing. This is why these dogs could become violent and might even attack strangers. The truth is, these dogs are actually very sociable and friendly when trained properly.

This Breed has a High Prey Drive

Animals with a high prey drive would tend to rush and attack things that they consider as possible food. Although dogs have been domesticated for hundreds of years, they still have that natural instinctive behavior that is difficult and even impossible to remove. Unlike humans, dogs (no just pit bulls or any specific breed) have a harder time controlling their animal instinct, so it’s important to always keep this in mind.

Anyone can Take Care of a Pit Bull

These dogs are not for everyone. Pit bull owners need to be dedicated to taking care of their pits. They’re also a handful to take care of because of their power, energy and intelligence. If you’re planning to get one, make sure your lifestyle is right for a pit bull.

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21. April 2014


Different Kinds of Food for Dogs with Allergies

Like humans, dogs also suffer from allergies. You need to be careful about what you give your pet dogs since you don’t want them to break out or have problems because of their food. Thankfully, there are different kinds of processed hypoallergenic dog treats and food that you can feed them. These hypoallergenic dog treats […]

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20. April 2014


Dog Expert Cesar Millan: 6 Reasons to Love Pit Bulls

They get a bad rap as a hostile breed thanks to a history with dogfighting, but really, pit bulls are playful dogs who love to be with people, says “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, who stars with his own beloved pit bull Junior in Love My Pit Bull (Nat Geo Wild, April 18), a TV special […]

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19. April 2014


Dog Owners Happy About New Pit Bull Ruling

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New changes to Maryland law fix a problem faced by families and their pets around the state. The controversial pit bull court ruling has finally been resolved. Political reporter Pat Warren has reaction to the new law. Pit bulls are no longer being singled out as inherently dangerous under Maryland law. A […]

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18. April 2014


What The Public Should Know About Service Dogs

If you have read the complaint letter yesterday about the diminishing joy of having a service dog, this is the appropriate answer given by Abigail Van Buren in hope of getting the public’s attention to act appropriately the next time they encounter someone with a service dog. DEAR LIVING LARGER: I’m happy to. But you […]

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17. April 2014


Complaints of Having a Service Dog

When some of our brothers and sisters have physical challenges, they get proud and satisfied with their service dogs. However, they also experience rude behaviors from people they encounter. This is a short letter from an honest man who faced some issues of having service dogs because of some insensitive questions from people they meet. […]

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16. April 2014


When Dams Eat Their Babies

There is more to the animal world that remain in their instinctual behaviors that were thought to be wiped out due to domestication. Recently, a striking phenomenon has caught the attention of some pet owners. It’s when a mother dog eats their weak or dead puppies. Gross as it may sound, this is not very […]

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15. April 2014


Pets’ Emotional Connections to Owners

A study in the University of Tokyo has recently found out that pets are emotionally connected to people, especially to their owners compared to strangers. Teresa Romero and her team did a psychological study of a dog’s yawn in response to seeing people yawn. The study also resulted that the emotional connection is genuine because […]

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