Daniff dogs, Great Dane hybrids

Wed, Oct 10, 2012

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All about Daniff Dogs

A Daniff dog is a mixed breed, which is created by the mixing of a Great Dane and any Mastiff breed. A Great Dane is also called the German Mastiff and they were used during ancient times to pull carts and guard castles. A daniff’s health attributes as well as stockiness will depend on the Mastiff used for breeding. Daniffs however will appear like the Great Dane a Giant breed with long legs. Daniff dogs are athletic like the Great Dane and loves plenty of space to roam around but they will also do well in fawn daniff dogsapartments if sufficient exercise is provided. Daniff puppies will come in a variety of colors such as black, Merle, brindle, white with markings and more. If you are torn between choosing a Great Dane and Mastiff now you can choose Daniff the best of both worlds.

Daniff Dogs Genes

There are many mixed feelings about mixing two of these breeds together to create the Daniff dogs. Some people say genetically they are more healthier than purebreds and others degree saying that any prominent genetic defect in both dogs will be passed on to the offspring. Generally I think mixed dogs are much healthier, It is also true that the Daniff dogs can live longer than a Great Dane and some Mastiffs. Some people refer to the Daniffs as “Great Daniffs” or “Mastidanes” so don’t get confused with the lingo when getting a puppy. There is a special name for a Great Dane mixed with a Cane Corso it is called the Italian Daniff. Italian Daniffs make a powerful breed due to the Cane Corso’s gene presence in the mixed breed. A Cane Corso Mastiff was once a fierce hunter of wild boar and then they became the guard dogs we know off today. The Cane Corso is an excellent protector of people and property.daniff dogs

Daniff Dogs Training

Be sure to train a Daniff puppy early to get rid of unwanted behaviors such as jumping up on people. A giant breed such as a Daniff dogs can cause damage if they jump on people and little kids. Do not entertain alpha behaviors such as pulling on the leash, pawing, biting and demanding affection. The Daniff is a easily trainable dog but it is up to you to put a pup on the right track. It is however not in the Daniff dog genes to be hyperactive but there may be exceptions.

Raw feeding your Daniff dogs

Raw feeding is great for all dogs and not just for the Daniff dog, it keeps them healthy and strong and keeps away a lot of the allergens and chemicals in processed foods. Raw feeding can however get expensive with a giant breed like Daniff so you can mix half of it with commercial foods to save money. The best raw foods to feed include chicken or turkey legs, wings, necks and other cheap meat sources on sale. You should also add about 15-20 percent veggies and fruits such as carrots, spinach, bananas etc. If your dog won’t eat these whole just blend it and save it in the fridge for later use. When you need it, pour over the raw meats and commercial foods you are feeding. Raw feeding is the way to go if you want a thriving dog with out a lot of health issues down the line. Raw feeding is encouraged to keep a Daniff fit.

You can buy a Daniff puppy for around $400 to $600 dollars. Daniffs are wonderful human companions that will remain with you for 10-12 years. A Daniff requires a lot of love, attention and space so be prepared to devote some time to your new companion. They also make the perfect family dogs and are very kid friendly.


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