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My female Pit Bull puppy at 10 weeks old

Sat, Oct 22, 2011


My 10 week old female Pit Bull puppy Phoenix…

My Pit Bull puppy Phoenix just turned 10 weeks old and she is about 16 pounds. I named her Phoenix because she represents a new beginning for me. She is one of the best behaved puppies I ever had and she is learning quickly. Somewhere on the net I once read, female puppies are easier to train and I being the owner of male dogs in the past, I completely agree. Female puppies seem to have that natural instinct to be clean much more than their male counterparts. When I first got Phoenix home from a non reputable breeder she was a mess, she had fleas and bite marks all over her. Today phoenix got her first set of shots such as 5in1 + Corona from Luvmypet.com at Petco and she is looking a hundred times better. The first set of shots from Luvmypet.com should cost about $54 and another $54 for the second set after 4 weeks. I have owned a puppy before but never a Pit Bull, looking at Phoenix I can already tell she is going to be a highly energetic dog which is a true Pit Bull quality.female pit bull puppy

Why did I get a female Pit Bull puppy?

One of the reasons I got a female Pit Bull puppy is due to their calmer and less aggressive temperament as adults. This may not be entirely true for dogs that were not raised humanely but a humanely raised female Pit Bull should possess these qualities.

Female Pit Bulls are easier to train than male Pit Bulls as they do not go spraying all over the house and mark their territory. Female dogs can also hold their urine in longer and empty all at once unlike their male counterparts.

Female Pit Bulls always stay 10-20 pounds under in weight than males and this is a plus for those who want a smaller dog as adults. The stocky American Staffordshire terriers often mistaken for an American Pit Bull can weigh much more and up to 100lbs. American Pit Bull terrier should weigh anywhere between 30-65 pounds.

Female dogs naturally tend to be more loyal, they have a stronger pack instinct and of course this can vary depending on the breed and the way they were raised. The males may run from home looking for females to mate.

What does my female Pit Bull puppy’s diet consist of?

My Pit Bull puppy is currently eating Solid Gold “Barking at the moon” and is in the process of switching over to Diamond Naturals small breed puppy with 32% of protein content.  Diamond Naturals is a no by-products or corn dog food which includes omega fatty acids and ideal fat levels.  I wish to start her on a semi cooked diet or raw diet along with Diamond Naturals at 4-5 months of age. I also poke open an omega-3 capsule and mix it along with her current food for proper joint development. She doesn’t have a big appetite on high protein foods as they keep her full longer.

House breaking my female Pit Bull puppy…

House breaking is a process that takes time and effort as they have small bladders at a young age and do not yet have full control of it. An 8 week old puppy can only hold their urine for about 40 minutes maximum.  I am slowly getting there with Phoenix and she already knows to pee on command outdoors. Many people use different commands for this such as “go potty”, “release” but I got a little more creative and came up with the command “tinkle tinkle”. pit bull puppy female at 10 weeks oldOnce you command train them to go potty outdoors you made life 50% easier for yourself and your puppy, think about all those cold winter nights. Housebreaking is even easier for me without a carpeted house as the pee scent does not linger for them to pee on that same spot again and it can be completely taken out with an enzymatic cleaner.  If I catch her pee in the house I just startle her and say “No!” and immediately take her outdoors. I DO NOT hit my puppy for accidental mistakes inside the house and simply wait for the next time to correct her.

During this time of age is the “teething stage” and I got plenty of hard bones and chewy toys for her. I thank you for reading and good luck with your puppy. All comments and ping-backs are welcomed!


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