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Sun, Jul 29, 2012

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All about the Pug Boston Terrier Mix

Generally known and recognized as Buggs by Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry and American Canine Hybrid Club, this breed is actually a pug Boston terrier mix. Very little is known about the said breed that even American Kennel Club does not recognize the breed as of the moment. It is however evident that this breed exists sporting the body of Boston terrier yet the face of a pug. Its similarity with pugs in terms of physical attributes is apparent on its curly tail and soft ears. Its body however is more similar to Boston terrier having a solid long body with strong chest. It stands around 10 to 16 inches in height and weighs 10 to 25 pounds; 10 to 20 pounds for females and 15 to 25 pounds for males. They also have the considerable lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Pug Boston Terrier Mix

Pugs mixed with boston terrier equal BUGGS

Pug Boston Terrier mix is just about a good mix..

Considering the fact that the temperament of both pug and Boston terrier is not that different from each other. With both breeds being alert, highly intelligent and playful, it is not surprising the buggs are similarly active, intelligent and playful. Being intelligent and a fast learner, they are also easy to train. In addition to that, like a pug and Boston terrier, they are very loyal and sociable. This makes buggs a good companion for people.

The pug Boston terrier mix like its ancestors usually has a black coat. Its coat is thin which is the reason why buggs do not dwell well in cold and humid weather conditions. The good thing about having a thin coat however is that they do not shed much which also means that their coat does not need too much attention like other breeds require. They, however, would need a daily dose of walking and playing like any other dog needs.

Buggs is more observant than other breeds which is why they usually bark when something would catch their attention. They are very active and are also generally healthy. They do not even have any known allergy. It is on the other hand recommended that baths and moisturizer application be a regular habit for Buggs considering that they usually suffer from dry skin. They are also prone to eye wetness which would require constant wiping of their eyes. Going to the vets for check ups and grooming at the same time is the best action to take.

Pictures of Pug Boston Terrier mix ..

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