Bull Mastiff Boxer mix

Sat, Sep 22, 2012

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All about the Bull Mastiff Boxer mix

A Bull Mastiff Boxer mix is also known as the Boxmas. Both the Boxer and Mastiff comes from similar families of the Molosser group. Taking into consideration the good temperament of a Boxer and Mastiff, the Boxmas is a peace loving dog that is large in size.

A Boxer Mastiff can grow anywhere from 70 to 100 pounds. Their ultimate weight and muscularity will depend on the Mastiff used for breeding. They make affectionate family pets and do great with children.

Bull Mastiff Boxer mix

The boxer mastiff is friendly to strangers and are very smart at understanding instructions from the master. They also have the playfulness that the Boxer brings into the mix. If their tails weren’t docked as a puppy, I warn you that the Boxmas has a tail as thick as the Mastiffs but will wag it out of control like a Boxer would, breaking things in the process. They are perfect for apartment life and do not bark very often. They do get along with cats and other small animals. They love to go for short walks and do not tolerate cold climates very well.

When obtaining a Boxer Mastiff mixed puppy be sure to ask for both parents hip scores and blood lines and weather they are AKC registered or not. Diseases such as hip dysplasia is prevalent among these dogs. It is best to adopt a Boxer Mastiff from a shelter as thousands of dogs are waiting for homes all over the country. If you have a mixed dogs and wish to know about their bloodlines, nowadays it is easy to get your dogs DNA tested right from home.

Bull Mastiff Boxer mix care and feeding

The Boxer mastiff have medium short coat and requires very minimal grooming. Their coat coloring can be brindle, fawn or with markings.

The Boxmas can be allergic to certain foods containing gluten so be sure to give them gluten free foods like Innova or Orijen. If you are feeding raw foods make it a varied diet containing at least 75% meat and 25% greens. The Boxer Mastiff will live well past 11 years if taken care of properly.

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