Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull

Thu, Oct 18, 2012

Race Mixing

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All about the Mastiff Pit Mix | Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull

A Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull will create an offspring almost as large as the Bull Mastiff with the prey drive of a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull we are referring to in this article is the Amercian Pit Bull Terrier, not to be confused with the American Stafforshire Terrier. A mastiff pit mix is an interesting combination but not everyone agree, unless the sire and dam is from high quality blood lines, the puppies can have many health complications. The reason you would want to mix these two breeds is to bring about a large offspring that is both energetic and powerful. Both dogs are generally known to love people and weary of strangers. It is important to not breed these two dogs for the wrong reasons such as to develop a new color pattern. The mixing of these two dogs should be really handled by professional breeders. The Bull Mastiff is reserved and has a good guarding sense, whereas the Pit Bull is fierce and high spirited with full of energy. Like the Bull Mastiff, the Pit Bull is also said to have originated from the Molossian family of dogs. The Molossian family of dogs is associated with the Molossi tribe which originated in Greece and provided strong dogs for warfare.

Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull

Size and temperament of a Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull

A Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit is known as a Bandogge. In a mixed breed like such as this, it becomes hard to predict the temperament and size of the offspring. I have seen Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull dogs that were around 90 pounds on average, at maturity, but they can either go much larger or smaller. In any case they will not be smaller than at least 60 pounds and larger than 120 pounds. A good rule of thumb for Bull Mastiff mixed puppy growth is 7-9 pounds per month, slightly smaller than the purebred Bull Mastiff puppy. A litter in this cross may contain up to 8 puppies on average and you will get all different sizes and color markings.

It is important to socialize mastiff pit mixed puppy at developing ages to avoid animal and people aggression. A mixed breed such as this will be protective of their family but should never be left own their own with others. If you are pit owner, you know that your dog is strong willed and a bit harder than other dogs to bring to submission. A Bull Mastiff is easier to train and are very docile to their owners. The combination of these dogs can bring about one or another personalities, a huge dog that is difficult to bring to submission or a huge dog that is very docile. A Bull Mastiff is said to easily knock down little kids due to their large size and with a mastiff pit mix, activity levels being higher it is something to be careful about.

Life Expectancy and Health of a Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull

A Bull Mastiff mixed with Pit Bull terrier can bring about some health complications prevalent in both breeds. The number one problem affecting most large breed dogs is hip dysplasia, it occurs when the bones of the hip do not align well into the sockets. It is important to get hip scores for the mastiff before breeding. When combining to create the Bandogge, you will get a large dog with high activity levels due to the Pit Bull’s presence, which is bad news for their joints. Other problems with large breeds include bloat so it is important to split up their meals. The Pit Bull is generally a healthy breed but can be prone to skin allergies, the Pit Bull involved in the breeding should be checked for hip scores as well.

Pit Bull Mastiff newborn puppy

The life expectancy of a Bull Mastiff is around 10 years which is appropriate for most large breed dogs. The Pit Bull however has a life expectancy of 12 years but they can sometimes live up to 15 years. The Bandogge resulting fro a Bull mastiff and Pit can easily live up to 12 years due to the mixing of a stronger blood line from the Pit Bull’s gene. If you believe that aggression in dogs is taught rather than bred like I do, the mixing of these two breeds will not bring about a monster. I strongly suggest you do the research before mixing a Mastiff with a Pit Bull. There are many things to know about both breeds, the term ” Pit Bull” stands for multiple blood lines of bully breeds so it important to select the appropriate blood line for your breeding. The resulting puppies should be socialized as much as possible and exposed to many different sounds and sights, puppies should not be sold before 8 weeks of age.


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