Doberman PitBull Mix

Sun, Aug 19, 2012

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Doberman PitBull mix | Also called Doberman Terriers

There are lots of mixes of dog breeds nowadays which also means that there are lots of results to be expected. When it comes to breed mixes, there is no certainty how the pups would turn out to be. This is the same way with a doberman pitbull mix. There is no definite way of categorizing if the pup is more of a Doberman or a pit bull until after the pup was able to show which qualities and characteristics it inherited and from which breed it got those characteristics. This is the reason why people tend to stray away from them because they can be very unpredictable.Doberman PitBull mix

Though it is true that mixes like Doberman mixed with Pit bull, their qualities are similar with their parents so it would not be that hard to figure out. The Doberman is known to be loyal and intelligent even way back in the 1890s when the breed was developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. These dogs have an average height of 27.5 inches and average weight of 80 pounds. Focusing on the physical attributes, Doberman dogs have a short coat which can be in colors black, red and blue dilution. They also have squared body structure and moderately long tail.

Doberman PitBull mix | Personality and Appearance

Aside from the dominant characteristics of the Doberman, the characteristics of the Pit bull should also be taken into consideration when trying to figure out the result of a Doberman mixed with Pit bull. Pit bulls are known to be physically muscular with broad and stocky body. They have round eyes and scissor-sharp teeth. They have a short coat similar with Dobermans. With an average weight of 50 pounds and average height of 19 inches, pit bulls are very powerful and fast despite their stocky structure. They are also generally intelligent and loyal dogs despite their fierce looks.

Dobermans are larger dogs in height than pit bulls but it does not mean that this mix will be a failure and is ineffective. There could be a mix with the size of a pit bull yet all attributes would come from Doberman. What’s similar with the two breeds however is that both dog breeds show intelligence and power as well as willingness and loyalty. These characteristics will surely be very visible in this mix especially if they are trained well and have been taken care of well enough. The real secret is training the dogs at your optimum best. In that way, the characteristics of the dog will be based on how you trained him to act.

Doberman PitBull mix | What does he or she look like ? A video!

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