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Wed, Aug 22, 2012

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Introduction to the Mastiff Boxer mixed Breed?

Dogs of mixed descent are always very appealing. One example of a great mixed breed is the Mastiff Boxer mix. Mastiff-boxers are a great addition to any family because of their good temperament. The boxer breed originated in Germany during hte 1800’s and was used to control cattle; they were also used as military and police dogs as well. Boxers are a mix of  Bulldogs and Mastiffs. Mastiff-Boxer’s are very loyal, intelligent and playful dogs.

Temperament of the Mastiff Boxer mixed breed..

When it comes to the temperament of Mastiff Boxer mix, one can truly appreciate these friendly canines for their pleasant nature. If you are a person that requires a manageable canine companion, you would a be a great candidate for adopting a Mastiff-Boxer. Along with their pleasant nature come the guarantee or easy train-ability. Behavior problems occurring in Mastiff-Boxers are easily correctable as well, all they require is genuine companionship and tons of love. The good thing about these canines is that they are very adaptable, they will actually come to accept your lifestyle and live accordingly with willingness.Mastiff Boxer Mix

The Mastiff Boxer mixed breed is a very loyal breed. This breed will become attached to it’s caretaker at a very quick pace. Due to the similarity of its parents temperaments, this breed is built with a calm nature. Mastiff-Boxers are a great addition to any family with children. Sometimes Hybrids can display unpredictable behaviors; this is one hybrid that surely will not worry you regarding any problems with behavior.

As wonderful as Mastiff Boxer mix dogs are, they are also quite protective. They care for their family, and so they are very alert when it comes to strangers,whether these strangers may be humans or other animals. The Mastiff-Boxer mix may try to intimidate a stranger, but it will not resort to any kind of violence. The Mastiff-boxer withdraws from biting because of it’s parent breed, the Mastiff, Mastiff’s are usually not known to bite. The boxer may knock over a stranger if provoked, however, it certainly will not bite a stranger. If you have family and friends that you would like to expose your Mastiff-Boxer puppy to, it is a good idea to start at the puppy stage. Once they get used to these new people, they will slowly adapt to positive interaction. Boxers are not too sociable, so it is highly recommended that they are exposed to friends and family.

More reasons to adopt a Mastiff Boxer Mix ..

What else can you expect from Man’s Best Friend? A Boxer-Mastiff is an extremely loyal canine, it will follow you to the ends of the earth. IF you require the companionship of a loyal and loving being, a Mastiff-Boxer is a good choice for adoption. You will not have any conflict with temperament , as long as you follow proper training procedures. Along with all the admirable qualities of a Mastiff-Boxer, you will also find that these canines are absolutely adorable.

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