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Shar Pei Mixed with PitBull

Wed, Jun 20, 2012

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A Shar Pei Mixed with PitBull is known as the Sharpull Terrier which is an amazing hybrid dog but not suitable for everyone. If you look into this mixed dog’s history, they are meant to be guard dogs despite if their cute looks. A guard dog usually have a greater prey drive and dominance levels. It is not good to let kids be alone with this mixed breed as their temperament is unpredictable. Let’s take a look at the Sharpull Terrier’s bloodline and their Sire and Dam.

Shar Pei mixed with PitBull

Shar Pei Mixed with PitBull | the Shar Pei

The Shar Pei was once used for guarding purposes, they are offspring’s of the great Tibetan Mastiff and the Chow Chow. If you notice carefully the Shar Pei shares some of the common characteristics with the Chow Chow such as the dark mouth and eyes.

Shar Pei Mixed with PitBull | the Pit Bull

There are mixed feelings about the American Pit Bull Terriers history, some say they are a breed of their own and others say they come from mastiff, bull dog and terrier origins. The American Pit Bull Terrier that we know today is affectionate and loving toward human beings unless subjected to abuse. They are however aggressive toward other dogs.

Shar Pei mixed with PitBull | the SharPull Terrier

The SharPull Terrier share the same stubbornness that lingers in the Chow Chow. They also share the same dog to dog aggression with American Pit Bull Terriers. Sharpull Terriers also weigh 10-20 pounds more than the purebred American Pit Bull Terriers. These two factors makes this combination a powerful one but their unpredictability still remains. Shar Pull Terriers remain aloof of strangers and requires a dominant owner. SharPull like the Terriers love to bark and not suitable for apartment life.

Caring for SharPull Terriers

Caring for Shar Pei mixed with Pit Bull Terriers is easy with these tips. A SharPull Terrier can put on weight easy due to the Shar Pei’s genes in them so diet should be controlled. They are easy to groom and only needs brushing once a week. They require a dominant owner that could set them straight with obedient training. They require every day walking and enjoys their owners companionship. Health conditions that may affect this mixed breed include hip dysplasia, inverted eyelids, ear infections, allergies and skin conditions. They can typically live up to ten plus years.


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