Reverse Brindle Boxers

Wed, Sep 12, 2012


All about Reverse Brindle Boxers

Reverse brindle boxers are a very beautiful sight to see, reverse brindle coloring on a Boxer puppy is not a genetic defect. It happens when the darker coat coloring is predominant and lighter fawn colors follow. This type of coloring is also known as “dark brindle” and “seal brindle” in other parts of the world. The term “reverse brindle” is coined in the North American region of the world.

Reverse brindle boxer puppies will appear to be solid black colored in dim light, the brindle pattern comes more visible in lighter environments. It is as if all the brindle and fawn patterns in the coat is shaded out with a black marker and some of it peaks out, this is exactly what reverse brindle boxers appear to be. The American Kennel Club recognizes these special cases as just brindle dogs.

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Reverse Brindle Boxers

It is interesting to note that the actual base coat is still light in color but since the brindle color is hovering over it excessively it appears to be darker in color. Genetically speaking the rumors about having black boxer dogs is a myth, Boxers only come in fawn and brindle colors. The white colored boxers are due to lack of coloring. The all white Boxer dog receives two of the same genes which causes flashing from both parents, if it receives only one flashing gene from a parent, you will see white markings and if it gets both the dog can be all or mostly white.The coat colors on the dog can also affect their nail coloring, all white boxers can have clear nails, brindle dogs do have darker nails.

No matter what colors our Boxer puppies come, we love them all the same. Boxers are one of the best dogs to own. Boxer dogs are very easy to train, have wonderful temperaments and makes the best apartment dogs. Any Boxer owner will tell you what a pleasure it is to own a Boxer.

A picture of a Reverse Brindle Boxer Puppy

Reverse Brindle Boxer Puppies

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