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Mon, Jul 20, 2015

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Many dogs can live comfortably outside during winter if they are provided with insulated dog houses that are tailored for them. It can be hard to pick the right one though because there are so many types. Have a look at these three tips that will help you pick the right one for your dog.

Tips On Choosing the Best Insulated Dog Houses

best insulated dog houses

Look for insulated dog houses with an elevated floor

Insulated dog houses with an elevated floorwill help keep the floor of the dog house dry. Alternatively, you could save yourself some money and elevate the house yourself using bricks.  Then all you’d need to do would be to provide a dog ramp to make it easy for your dog to climb in and out of the house.

Be sure that your dog can comfortably lie down

Choose a house which is big enough for your full sized adult dog to lie comfortably in. Insulated dog houses come in all shapes and sizes so you need to consider the size of your dog now and the size he or she will be in the future especially if your pet is still a puppy. Learn as much as yo can about your specific breed, Mastiff dogs will get huge thus requiring much more space. The house needs to be big enough for comfort but also be small enough to trap your pet’s body heat to help them keep warm. You can even get a house with an insulated ceiling. Make sure to get one with a hinged roof though which will make cleaning and replacing bedding much easier.

Consider getting portable housing

This is to avoid having to dismantle then move the dog house from one spot to another as the weather patterns change. You may also find it necessary to travel with your
Insulated dog houses don’t just keep the cold away, they are also good when used during extremely hot days. This is because they work by keeping the temperature inside the dog house constant. So if it is cool inside, it will remain cool inside the dog house as well despite the hot weather outside.  Exposure to both extreme cold and extreme heat is dangerous for your dog’s health so an insulated house can bring you peace of mind knowing that your dog is both comfortable and safe. Investing  in a portable house will  ensure that you can easily move it from one spot to another when going on trips with your dog.

When it comes to bedding, consider adding cedar and wood chips instead of just cotton materials because they will help to keep you pet’s home smelling fresh. You will still have to clean the bedding weekly to help with the control of bad smells though. Cedar made dog houses are also very popular with many dog owners as most dogs shy away from constantly nipping at the wood.

It is important that your dog becomes used to the outdoors and used to living outside in their insulated dog houses while he or she is still a puppy. This will help them get used to sleeping in their house alone during those cold nights. You can begin training your pet to start sleeping outdoors during the warm summer months when they will be most comfortable and less resistant to adapt to their new surroundings.

Nowadays, you can get a hold of quality insulated dog houses without blowing your budget. Many of them are sold online and owners can get a decent one for as little as $90.  Many websites such as Amazon offer different varieties and styles so you can choose one that suits both you and your pet. Getting the right one will mean your pet will be safe from any extreme temperatures and thus be happy all year round.


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