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Sat, Aug 18, 2012

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Dog owners all over the world have certain issues which cane a big pain. One of the most stressful conditions that dog owners try to avoid as much as possible is the existence of ear mites. Ear mites are said to be in Arachnida class which live in the ear canal of dogs. They live until 2 months and eat the skin oil and ear wax of animals. Aside from dogs, they can also live in cattle, cats and rabbits. The good thing is that there are now home remedies for dog ear mites which owners may use to battle the said parasites.

Home remedies for dog ear mites and first steps

The first step in battling ear mites is to know if the dogs have them. This is possible by observing possible signs for the existence of the mites. If the dog continuously shakes and tilts his head and scratches his ears, it may mean that there are ear mites living in the dog’s ears. Inflamed and reddish ears are also some of the noticeable signs along with the build up of dried black in the form of black speck. In addition to that, an increase in the wax production of the ears will occur which will create build up of wax.

If these signs are positively present, one may immediately consider the different home remedies for dog ear mites so as to avoid these probable effects. The dog will have inflamed ears because of the ear wounds and infections made by these mites. There is also a tendency that the ear canals will bleed so much which will result in the dog’s loss of hearing. Because of these effects, the dog will always feel uneasy and will have this restless attitude. Worse, ear mites may even cause skin disease and spread out in the tail and neck.home remedies for dog ear mites

The best fact about treatment is that there are remedies which will kill the mites and at the same time treat wounds brought about by the pests. The usual thing people use to kill ear mites is half an ounce of almond oil with vitamin E’s 400 IUs. The treatment will last for six days. In the span of 6 days it will only be applied twice which means that it must be applied every after three days. If this treatment will be done together with vegetable oil, corn oil or white vinegar, the ear mites will be killed and at the same time the infections will be treated.

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