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Best Dog Food

Sun, Mar 25, 2012

Pet Foods

Best Dog Food?

What is the best dog food that you can feed your canine pal? Surely, you want to give him/her nutritious, and quality food. Lets face it, most of the things that you will find in pet stores are simply just not good for your dog. You may find cheap items, that have been canned for years, full of preservatives. However, if you keep searching, you will find that certain brands outshine other brands. You may be paying a little bit extra, but in the end you are helping your puppy/dog build a strong and healthy body. When it comes to food, you have a plethora of choices.  You can choose to go the dry route, the wet route, or the natural route. The choice is up to you.

Best dog food options for- Dry Food/Wet(canned) food

I don’t particularly serve my canine wet food all the time. Sometimes I might mix in a bit of wet food to my little pit bull’s kibbles if she doesn’t eat right away. I only use small amounts however. I like feeding my pit bull dry food instead. It benefits her teeth and gums more so than canned food, and it is also better for her digestive tract. I find it easier to maintain dry dog food as well. Which ever path you choose, the brands below offer excellent quality wet and dry dog food. Here are my choices for the best dog food types.

Evo Dog Food

A top notch brand is Evo Dog Food. Evo dog food does not contain any corn or grains. It promotes a high protein diet like how dogs are meant to have. Evo dog food does best dog foodnot contain any preservatives or added by-products. the producer of Evo, Natura Pet, uses high-quality ingredients like fresh fish, veggies, fruits, and meats. Their strategy is to provide a formula much like a dog would have in the wild, hence the high protein, low carbohydrates. Even though Evo is a bit more pricey than your average dog food, it is well worth the price. It even contains  probiotics which support a healthy immune system for your canine. I highly recommend Evo due to its nutritious formula, it promotes a very healthy canine diet. Evo is one of the best dog food brands out there.

Taste Of The Wild

Another brand that I highly recommend is Taste of the Wild dog food. Like Evo, this brand follows a formula that a dog would consume as if it were actually in the wild. This
best dog food
brand offers a high quality, healthy blend of low fat proteins like chicken, duck, bison, and ocean fish. You will not find any starchy grains or by-products in this mix. Egg is added to promote shiny coats for your canine, and the vegetables will provide vitamins and certain antioxidants, the fish provides omega 3 fatty acids as well. The only negative aspect is the price, I’m not going to lie to you, Taste of the wild is not a cheap product. However, it is a very reputable brand of dog food, and you will see many improvements in your canine. You will see shinier cots, healthier stool, and even increased energy.

Feeding your dog Natural foods

More and more people are eating healthier now a days, and avoiding junk. You can lead your pet to a healthier path as well. By making your dog’s food at home, you know exactly what is going into your pet’s body. It is not the most wallet friendly approach, but natural is the best way to go for humans and animals alike. Dog’s are meant to have a wild, natural diet. Dogs have different digestive systems from humans, so by feeding your canine raw natural food, your dog will not get sick. I feed my pit bull raw chicken all the time. dogs have acid in their stomachs that prevent bacteria from growing. Time to time, I buy a tray of chicken drumsticks for my little pit bull Phoenix. being that the bone is uncooked, I allow her to devour the whole thing. Usually with cooked bones, dogs can choke on little pieces of the bone. Sometimes, I also feed her raw pork chops as well. Putting your canine on a raw diet is a healthy idea, you can choose to feed your canine the best dog food types.

winner-Best Dog Food

So, the ultimate question, What is the best dog food? The brands above and excellent choices for your canine. I recommend a mixture of dry food and raw food to promote maximum health for your canine.

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2 Responses to “Best Dog Food”

  1. samantha Says:

    I would like to start feeding my lab/pit mix and pitbull raw chicken, more as like a treat, as they are on dry food. However, i have been told I can’t mix them I have to switch them to one or the other. Can I give them the chicken as a treat like once or twice a week?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi samantha, giving them raw as a treat is a very good idea, it is what I do with my pit bull every week. On the weekends she gets the raw treat. Just make sure the meat is frozen for at least 3 days doing so will kill all the bugs. I usually buy chicken legs and separate them to small ziploc bags which makes it easier to separate otherwise they will stick together. I would love to see your dogs, please join our forums when you get a chance. Thank you.

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