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Feeding dog food grain free

Mon, Sep 14, 2015

Pet Care, Pet Foods

There is a lot being talked about feeding dog food grain free..

The main reason behind the popularity and talks about grain free dog food is the problems that are caused by grain rich dog diets. Eventually this led to the production of a new type of dog food that came out to be known as grain free dog food. It used a formula which used certain ingredients in order to fill this vacuum inside the dog food. It can be a back breaking task to choose the appropriate grain free dog food because of its high cost. This aspect of such food of being costlier than traditional dog food is taken as a drawback. But it is important to note that these diets are costlier because of the high nutrition values. Such a diet is purely protein content which in return makes the dog satisfied in less food and results in less expense.

One of the greatest reasons for the shift of people from traditional dog food towards dog food grain free is the care that they possess for their pets. This reflects the health care concerns of the owner. It has been studied in various researches that it is very difficult for some dogs that have weaker digestive systems. It has also been studied that certain dogs are allergic to some grains like wheat and corn. This is one big reason that has increased the number of people that have now opted for grain free dog food so that their dog does not fall ill and digests all the food that he likes. There are a number of positive health aspects that one would observe after the dog has started grain free dog food. The dog now easily digests all what he has and his hair shine far more, his eyes glow a little more and the dog is more energetic.

But every coin in the world has two sides. Yes the most disturbing factor about dog food grain free is the price labels that storm your brain. But when it is grain free dog food, it is important to note that this diet is rich in protein content and does not have any filler to fill the packet. It is important to understand the point that these diets are good for the dog’s diet and health. And most of the genuine manufacturers do not compromise on the quality and take care of your dog as you do.

Choosing the affordable dog food grain free manufacturers..

dog food grain free
There are many affordable companies out there as well such as the Canidae pure elements which can be purchased through Pet Care Rx using a $5 off discount coupon and free shipping. The Canidae Pure elements contain 34%  protein which is great for puppies growing at a normal rate and the main starch source are potatoes. The main meat content of pure elements include lamb, chicken and turkey so you do not have to worry about your dog not liking this dog food. You can see my female Cane Corso  pictured here,  she is now 6 months old and weighs around 57 pounds.  She is growing at her normal pace with with the Canidae Pure Elements dog food and her energy levels are stable as well.

One other affordable grain free dog food include  Blue Buffalo which offers their Blue Wilderness grain free dog food which may cost about $45 at most stores. A protein content of 34 percent makes Blue Wilderness great for growing puppies of any breed. When selecting grain free dog food with protein as the major source, be sure to always pick along something that is 32% to 34% protein.  A grain free food that is over 42%  protein can cause sudden growth spurts at a faster than normal rate for large breed dogs which in turn can lead to bone problems in the future.

Dog food grain free is the way to go if you want to see immediate differences in your dog’s energy levels and health. Dogs are naturally meant to eat a meaty diet with out the need for grains and fillers.  A pet is like a family member and we want the best diet possible for them in order for them to live long healthy lives.  Dog food grain free is the way to go if you have dogs that are sensitive to corn, wheat etc which can cause skin allergic reactions in some dog breeds such as boxers.

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