Garlic in dog food

Mon, Jul 20, 2015

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Garlic in dog food is added by certain dog food manufacturers but not all. Fresh garlic can be added to your dogs diet in dosages discussed in this article, if your dog food doesn’t supply it already. Garlic is effective best when uncooked because it doesn’t loose its medicinal property “Allicin”.

Garlic in dog food

You may all have heard the benefits of adding garlic to a dogs diet or even giving your dog a bath using garlic to get rid of fleas. Although these are positive effects of garlic, too much of garlic can cause serious illness in dogs and puppies. As dog owners we should be aware that certain things that are made available for human consumption is toxic to dogs.

garlic in dog food

Negative effects of Garlic in dog food

Onions are one of such foods that is bad for dogs, garlic being in a distant family of onions, can also have the same ill effects in high dosages. If a dog consumes high amounts of garlic it causes the red blood cells to die and this can be fatal to a dog that is already anemic.

However garlic is safe for dogs in small dosages and these small amounts will provide all the health benefits your dog can get from garlic while keeping them safe.

Health Benefits of Garlic

The health benefits of garlic include providing improved immunity in dogs and for those dogs that are sick and fighting certain diseases like cancer. Garlic is also an anti bacterial and promote intestinal health against parasites. Garlic in dog food can improve liver functionality in older dogs by helping it clear toxins more effectively from the dogs body. Other positive health effects of garlic also include lowering blood pressure, preventing blood clots and lowering the build up of fat in a dogs arteries.

Showering a dog with crushed garlic and some olive oil makes one of the best natural flea and tick treatment.  See my article on  “Home remedies for dog fleas

Garlic Dosage chart for Dogs

Dogs from 10 to 15 pounds – 1/2 a clove
Dogs from 20 to 40 pounds – 1 clove
Dogs from 45 to 70 pounds – 2 cloves
Dogs from 75 to 90 pounds – 2  1/2  cloves
Dogs that are 100 pounds or over – 3 cloves

Garlic fed to dogs in the suitable amounts as stated above will Keep your dogs safe while providing all the benefits it is known to provide. If you are uneasy about feeding raw garlic to dogs, you can also get supplements from Amazon that will provide the same benefits.

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