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Sun, Jul 19, 2015

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Purina One SmartBlend is the way to go if you have a picky dog like mine. I have been through countless brands of dog food ranging from medium quality to very high quality, only to find out that my Pit Bull wouldn’t eat it.

One day I just took my dog to Petco with me and let her sniff out the food she like, Purina SmartBlend was her choice, specifically the chicken and rice formula. Perhaps she liked it because chicken is the number one ingredient in this dog food.  This dog food actually has pieces of chicken mixed in with the kibbles, a great idea that I haven’t seen in other dog foods. All dogs love the taste of chicken, it was the perfect selection as it wasn’t costly like some the other brands I was buying like Innova.

Purina one SmartBlend

What goes into Purina One SmartBlend formula?

Purina One SmartBlend chicken and rice is safe to feed your puppies and adult dogs as it contains the ideal percentages of protein and fat for all life stages. Twenty six percent of protein is ideal for normal growth rate in puppies, too much of protein can cause improper bone development. Purina SmartBlend chicken and rice also contains Omega fatty acids to promote heart health and skin health. A good source of glucosamine is found in this food naturally from chicken. Added nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A,D and anti-oxidants makes Purina one the best choice of food for any dog.

How much does Purina One SmartBlend formula cost?

Purina One SmartBlend Chicken and Rice dog food is very cost effective. An 8 lbs bag would only cost you $13 in most places and an 18 lbs bag would cost you only $28. You can find larger bags up to 31 lbs or even 40 lbs for around $40, these bags lasts me 2 months or more. It is a good thing that Purina made these bags available to you in many sizes so that you can buy a small bag and try it first if you wish before fully switching over. When switching over to Purina be sure to do so gradually, by mixing little at a time to the dog food your dog is currently eating.

My Pit Bull is eating well and she is thriving on Purina One SmartBlend. I noticed great improvements in her coat and overall energy levels ever since I started feeding her this food. I am sure my good experiences with Purina One SmartBlend dog food will reflect on you and your canine. Below are some Purina SmartBlend products for your consideration.

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