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All about dog constipation or constipation in dogs

Mon, Aug 22, 2011


Dog Constipation..

Dog constipation is a pretty common problem simply because of the fact that dogs would eat almost anything that comes their way. However, dog constipation is a curable disease and you just need to be able to monitor the dog’s toilet habits to identify the problem of dog constipation immediately. If you spot your dog having difficulty in passing stool consistently for two days, you can conclude that the dog is suffering from dog constipation. Food travels through the GI tract and gets absorbed in the small intestine. In case of constipation, some undigested food particles can get mixed with the stools and cause it to because unusually hard. It becomes difficult for the dog to pass stool under such circumstances and the animal needs to exert extra pelvic pressure to defecate.

Symptoms of dog constipation..

If the dog is suffering from dog constipation, you’d be able to see it having problems in defecating normally. It would have improper bowel movement and try to avoid the act of defecation. You can easily spot this if you see the dog running in circles and not defecating. In case of dog constipation, the dog would make attempts to go to the toilet, but come out without success. In some cases of dog constipation, the dog might not show irregular bowel movements, but the resulting matter might look hard and in the form of small globules.


constipation in dogs

This could be a precursor for the disease and you need to take immediate care to prevent further complications. You need to understand that the problem is potentially harmless in the initial stages, but if you  do not pay immediate attention, the problem could get worse and the dog might have a split rectum. The immediate disease in this case is not dangerous, but the associated disorders could be very painful and if not treated in a timely fashion, could lead to fatal conditions also.

Treatment of dog constipation..

Dog constipation could be treated at home in the initial stages by offering the dog to eat fiber rich foods. Dog constipation might be attributed to low water content in the body also and you need to make sure that the dog drinks sufficiently and that could solve the problem of dog constipation to a large extent.

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