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All about the Bull Boxer breed

Sun, May 31, 2015


Many times when we move out to have a dog we look for a dog which is very attractive, unique and has good personality such as the Bull Boxer..

Bull Boxer dog is the dog which is mostly loved by us Americans. We would love to have this crossbreed dog. A Bull Boxer dog is a cross bred of Boxer and American pit bull. From the combination of these bred a new name is given to them as Bull Boxer. They have 50% characteristics as of the Boxer dog and 50% characteristics of American pit bull dog. They are a reliable breed of dogs and come with the protective instincts of a Pit Bull. Depending on their genetic take, most Bull Boxer‘s are slightly taller and stockier than the pit bull.

Just with any other dog, the Bull Boxer needs to be socialized early and properly cared for starting at an early age. As dogs need proper care to settle down in a new environment. You should always train your puppy with some good training through which you can make him to obey your orders and make his behavior as you want.¬† Boxer’s themselves are very hyper breeds and would love to jump up all over you. You can see many times when someone new visits our home the puppy at our home jump on him. This is a very bad habit. From the beginning only you need to stop this kind of habits, which make you uneasy when someone visits your house.

You should provide proper diet to your puppy as they need a healthy nutrient full diet for their growth. Many dogs food or many puppies food companies offer samples food or money back guarantees, so let your dog try the food before you complete your decision. Puppies have needs different types of nutrition’s. Choose a food for your puppy that provides the suitable balance of nutrients including calcium and protein, and the proper¬† number of calories. Along with the proper nutrient full diet you should have a complete vaccination schedule for your dog. There are many dog diseases which can make you’re your dog ill. To prevent them from these diseases you need to have proper treatment of them. Consult a doctor and have health advice which can help you to keep your dog healthy and free from diseases. There are very simple but essential tips for puppy care which can help you to keep your puppy healthy and happy.


Bull Boxer

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