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All about the Cane Corso breed

Thu, Jun 16, 2011


All about the Cane Corso Italiano..

The Cane Corso or Cane Corso Italiano makes a wonderful breed of dogs if taken care of well and socialized from an early age. They stand 24-27 inches in height and weigh anywhere from 80 – 110 pounds.  It is a breed that is gaining popularity in the United States and  Some people tend to call it King Corso by mistake. The Cane Corso, with the breeds muscular  appearance and size surely can make the  king of all dogs. The Corso is an Italian Mastiff but it only shares the size of a mastiff and unlike your average mastiff the Corso is built with endurance,  agility and a strong sense of protective guarding instincts.

The ancestor of the Cane Corso is a dog called Canis Pugnax..

Canis Pugnax was a dog used for large game hunting and to fight battles during earlier times. This dog originated int he central southern regions of Italy, they were used to fight roman battles and was the “auxillary warrior”. The Corso that we know today is a remake of this legendary dog during the 80’s and 90’s  via cross breeding with Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler, Boxer, Pit Bull and a few other Mastiff Breeds.

The name of Cane Corso derives from the latin word “Cohors” which means guardian or protector and it is exactly what Cane Corso represents. They are very intelligent, strong and make great watch and protection dogs. As the Corso is surely big and intimidating, they make great property guard dogs as well. The Corso is  impervious to pain, a trait which may come from the mix with a Pit Bull.

Temperament of the Cane Corso breed..

The Corso’s generally do not go out looking for a fight but you better be sure he or she will not back down from one either. They weren’t bred for fighting but for guarding and working.  These dogs are loyal and very quiet around the property though these are not a beginners dog. You have to display pack leader status with Cane Corso’s through out their life time. The dog should be made aware of his or her purpose and the status in the pack. If a Cane Corso feels out of pack or feels you do not make a good pack leader they can stray from home.You should set all rules when the dog  is a puppy, you do not want an out of control adult dog weighing 120 pounds roaming the house. They should be submissive to all family members including kids. If not socialized early then can become aggressive toward people and other pets.

Other facts regarding the Corso..

The Corso’s are very athletic and should be walked daily, they also share hip problems associated with large breed dogs so a good died and  daily exercise is important.  They are easily trainable and come in black and fawn colors. The cropped ears of the Corso gives the dog  a better appearance though this solely depends on the owner.  The Cane Corso will do fine in an apartment as long as the dog is walked every day and gets his or her exercise. Below are some pictures of the Corso’s I have collected, see you at our forums.


Cane Corso Puppies


Cane Corso Adult

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