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All about the Labrabull breed

Thu, May 5, 2011


What makes up the Labrabull breed?

Labrabulls are a mix between the labrador retriever and the American pitbull terrier. They are a wonderful mix, it is a shame they are not recognized as purebred category in their own right.

My own experiences with a labrabull..

I own a labrabull named Alex, his mother is a black lab and the father is a brindle pitbull terrier. His coloring is awesome with black and white stripes sometimes called the cow patch. He shares physical features of both breeds. His temperament is those of a guard dogs, his protective instincts kick in if a stranger approaches. He does not bite but barks and makes a protective stand. The long defined nose of a labrador’s gives him the scent advantage. He picked up his weight from his father’s side and only weighs in about 56 pounds. Pictures of my labrabull are posted along with this post.

Why labrabulls make great pets..

Labrabulls are the best of both breeds, they are highly intelligent and very protective of their family. Their guarding instincts come from the pitbull side of the family. Labrabulls are very gentle with children and other family members just like the labradors. Their coats are short like pitbulls and dense like labradors which makes it very silky smooth and soft. Labrabulls do not tend to stray from home and make great companions. Labrabulls are very affectionate, easy to train and make great family dogs.

Labrabulls are not for you if you can’t cope with the following..

One draw back is that their weight and height are not predictable and can reflect either mother’s or father’s side. Temperament will depend on how the dog is raised as they may share the pit bulls hardy qualities. You have to show leadership qualities and set them straight at a young age. They do not handle separation very well, they will clock your daily routine. They will be irritated if you do not come home on time so if you take long vacations be sure to either bring him or her or leave him or her with family.

What colors do labrabulls come in?

They can come in a variety of colors hence you can even find a chocolate Labrabull. They usually share mixed colors so there is one for everyone. You can find many of them at your local animal shelter so if you can rescue one more props to you, there is nothing like saving a life.

For more information read my post on .. Caring for your pitbull mixed puppy

Picture Gallery of my Labrabull

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25 Responses to “All about the Labrabull breed”

  1. Yakita Says:

    Hello, I have a labrabull, he is sooo sweet but I have a problem with him going to the bathroom inside the house. I have done almost everything I could. HELP.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi yakita i had a labrabull an he was the best dog i ever had, the puppy should be fully trained by 6 months of age. The trick is to catch him in the act other wise it would never work. All your family members needs to be in the same page as well when house breaking ur pup. It is perfectly alright when u catch him in the act surprise him and smack him lightly then shiw him wat he had done and immediatley take him out. Remember u cant do this if u didnt catch him the act. If u see poop lying around simply clean it up, wait till next time.

  3. Yakita Says:

    Thank you soooo much! I will try that!

  4. admin Says:

    You are welcome this will take a few weeks for him to finally get it but be persistent and clean up those existing mess with pet cleaning products so he doesnt pick up the smell and go there again. Also know dogs will need to eliminate after they wake up from a sleep and after they eat.

  5. Yakita Says:

    Another thing, my feance is a cat lover…. so we are constantly arguing about Keahi (my puppy) how can I improve his attitude towards eachother?

  6. DogTrainer1973 Says:

    Really…. Your advice is to smack the dog? You should never have to hit an animal to train it. Simple tone in your voice along with everything else you said (catching in the act, right outside, etc) will let the animal know you are displeased. Rewarding good behavior is another piece of the puzzle.. When the dog does go outside or whines at the door be sure to reward with lots of praise, affection and small treats. Every single time, until they stop going inside. Dogs naturally want to please their owners and they love food. Once the dog is trained you still continue with the praise but give less treats ( not healthy to eat too many). If your dog is smart, it will start fake peeing to try for treats. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.

  7. admin Says:

    I did not mean you should beat up your dog a light smack alone with the loud tone of your voice does the trick. I have trained three dogs with this method and they all turned out to be great. The point is to communicate to them it is not acceptable behavior and my way works just fine to acomplish this. Yes your way is great as well using food as reward but it will take longer to achieve and i suggest my method for people who have tried everything else with out luck!

  8. Yakita Says:

    My Puppy is AWSOME!! He has stopped peeing inside the house!He is respectful and lovable, I am so proud of him!He is so sweet and he is learning new tricks every day! Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

  9. admin Says:

    Congratulations curious to see your puppy be sure to join our forums and post your album thanks!

  10. jacob Says:

    I got a labrabull and he is a beauty he is a blue

  11. admin Says:

    Great to hear please join our forums and post your pics up in the albums thanks :)

  12. Tom Says:

    Couple of corrections about your description…… the guarding instinct is not from the pitbull side of him but the part about being good with kids and people pitbulls had human aggression bred out of their bloodlines because there would be three people (the two owners & a referee)in the ring when they fought them and people would be getting bitten all the time if they had aggression towards them. Check out the dog fighting rings that werte busted on youtube every dog scared and missing ears or legs even a face but not one shows any aggression towards people. look up biggest dog fighting bust

  13. Tom Says:

    Also you never need to put a hand on a dog you were correct about the voice though they pick up the tone of your voice when angry just use a stern voice and make them lay down like a tine out and they get the message. You never want a dog to be fearful of your hand.

  14. Brianna Says:

    We just adopt a 6-month-old Labrabull from our local shelter. We named her Harley and we are already loving her! She’s great with our other dog of the same age and especially with our 4-year-old son.

  15. admin Says:

    Yes they are indeed great mixes, thanks for sharing. your site looks great!

  16. Victoria Says:

    Hi there ! i was told the puppy i have now is a mix between a pit and lab. I rescued him from his mother due to she was not letting him Nurse. All the puppies were taken from her today. Their only 5 weeks which i know is far too young. they need to be 8-10 weeks. I’m shocked though ! He is using the puppy mat VERY well and only had two accidents. My problem now is the crying which i’m sure is because he is away from his mother and siblings..i keep feeling as if i’m doing something wrong. I cant STAND hearing him cry. It breaks my heart. I’m just needing some advice on how to take care of him i guess. And he is eating on his own already which i’m VERY shocked by

  17. admin Says:

    Don’t worry victoria he is now in good hands, he will be fine. You can put him on some puppy vitamins and give once a day. You should start getting him vaccinated by 8 weeks first set of shots+deworm, no shots should be given prior to this.

  18. admin Says:

    He is still very young I would keep him close, till 8 weeks then start separating him and ignore the crys a bit because do not want to attend every time he crys so he doesn’t associate it. u could start giving him some mushed up meals for now and add boiled egg to it for for strong faster growth.

  19. Ann Says:

    How is this mix with other dogs-are they just naturally more aggressive in that situation?

  20. admin Says:

    No I have successfully kept a Labrabull with even a Cane Corso a high prey drive breed of dogs. They adapt to most pet, its all about how you socialize them early, never hit your puppy, never leave them for long period of time play with them as they age and give them attention as well as take them out and meet people.

  21. jennifer t Says:

    I NEED HELP PLEASE! I adopted a 3 month old lab pit from humane society. She is great with our family and doing ok with our 3yr shitzhu and 3 month old pointer. She is very playful, sometimes too much. We are working with her to calm her “playful aggressiveness.” She likes people very much, esp kids. But she is plain viscious with other dogs, even without provocation. My husband and I have come up with some solutions as to replace the metal gate with a much higher wooden one to prevent accidents in case she would jump, and to possibly use a muzzle when we take her for walks. I just hate to do that. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  22. admin Says:

    Hi Jennifer, it seems like your dog is not aggressive toward other dogs, she is just aggressive towards any one that is not in her pack. The good thing is that she is still a puppy and there is time for you to correct this. You can take her out and socialize her as much as possible. Take her to a park and let your other dogs play with dogs from another pack, while keeping your Labrabull on a leash. Let her get used to this for a few times and this will help her understand that her pack mates get to be rewarded with play for good behavior then slowly introduce her to other packs along with your other dogs. At first keep her on a leash still during play and yank on the leash quickly if she does show aggressive behavior and say No! with a stern voice, then immediately stop her play and take her back alone while others still gets to play. After a couple of times she will understand only good behavior gets rewarded and when she finally play nice reward her with plenty of treats as well. Hope that helped. For more tips join our forums, I would love to see some pics of her. Thank you!

  23. mrsellis Says:

    My puppy is 8 weeks old and appears to be a pit/lab mix and I gotta say, I have never been this infatuated with a dog. He is very good almost always and is just now hitting the chewing stage (which appears to be a bit of a challenge). I have had him since he was 2.5 weeks old because the mother died and he had to be bottle fed. He was nearly potty trained by 4 weeks old and since then has not had a #2 accident in his space. As long as he is supervised, he is amazing. He’s great with my roomate’s kids and with my 5 month old cat. (They play like littermates!) He’s very hyper when he is allowed to play, but knows when its time to settle down. And you are absolutely right, he knows my schedule like a clock and gets VERY upset when I am late doing anything. I will forever sing the praises of this breed!!!

  24. admin Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comment, indeed they are a very smart and mellow mix. I would love to see your puppy please join our forums and start an album.

  25. Michael Says:

    Also, everyone interested in Labrabulls should check out the group “I Love Labrabulls and Pitadors” on Facebook. Hundreds of cool pics and lots of Labrabull info.

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