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American Bandogge Mastiff a Pit Bull mixed breed

Thu, Aug 4, 2011


American Bandogge Mastiff is a cross- breed between the American Bulldog and a Mastiff, their ancestry is part American Pit Bull Terrier as well…

Bandogge is the generic name of the Mastiff breed. The body of this dog shows very prominent musculature and has a well built appearance due to structure of the bones. They have different coat colors like black, black brindle, red, tawny and blue. The male will grow to 80-120 pounds and females up to 85 pounds. Female have less height than male who reaches up to 25 inches.


American Bandogge Mastiff is considered to be very intelligent and usually of calm nature..

It is extremely devoted to its owner and the calm nature disappears when the need arise. It will be a wonderful companion for children and is highly protective. American Bandogge Mastiff can distinguish the normal human activities and that of suspicious ones and react accordingly so, they are considered as a nightmare to the intruders. They were primarily used for hunting and for guarding purposes. But now they are used for guarding homes mainly. Many security agencies have started using the American Bandogge Mastiff for patrolling and for controlling the crowd.


As any other breed, they need care and affection. They don’t make a good choice for a novice owner. To take care of this breed one should have the basic knowledge of the canine instincts. They can get really aggressive if they are not communicated properly of what the owner needs from it. The Bandogge is so attached to their owners that if left alone they are really upset. Another difficult feature is that they do not give warning bark before attacking. American Bandogge Mastiff will be very happy if they receive any attention from the owner and need an owner who has real command over them. If allowed to mingle with other animals from the puppy stage, they will get along with other animals with out any problem.

American Bandogge Mastiff exercise and care ..

This is a breed that likes to exercise and their life expectancy is about 10 years. Grooming activities for this breed is easier as the coat has small hairs and shedding of hair is average. Removing the loose hairs with a rubber brush is sufficient. They want to be in the company of humans and do not like kennels. American Bandogge Mastiff can be comfortably kept in apartments and small houses as they are inactive inside the houses. But do not forget to give some exercise daily. The negative of this breed is that they may slobber.

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