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Are pit bulls safe with children around?

Wed, Aug 19, 2015


In what can be described as a product of misunderstood hype from fact, the question of a pit bull’s overall compatibility with children has been asked countless times before, borne from the pit bull’s reputation for being a “hard to handle dog”.

Though it is true that the aggression tolerance levels of pit bulls tend to border to certain extremes, their compatibility with children is not really all that bad – provided that good pit bull breeds are being talked about.

Are pit bulls safe with children around
Different expert breeders agree that when it comes to pit bulls, inferior breeds, matched with poor upkeep by irresponsible owners, are the main contributors to the pit bull’s negatively framed attitudes and behaviors.

A pit bull who generally shows aggression to any human it encounters is considered to be an example of an ill-bred dog, not necessarily in the sense that is genetic linage is inferior, but also because of the way it had been brought up by its owners.

When it comes to well bred pits, owners with children in their homes confess that pit bulls actually love the company in children, at times even more than human adults.

Essentially, a pit bull’s attitude towards children cannot be isolated as a pit bull’s singular or an isolated reaction, since how it socializes with human beings doesn’t really matter if it is with adults or otherwise.

Bottom line, the truth that pit bulls are risks for children, in contrast with other dogs, isn’t exactly true.

Its bad reputation is simply the result of bad pit bull rearing matched with discrepancies in the breed’s genetic makeup.

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