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Bladder problems and pit bulls

Sat, Dec 8, 2012

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As with most domestic pets, pit bulls are known to have their own share of bladder problems, with their incontinence being the cause of concern for different pit bull owners.

Though the specific variables which lead to a pit bull’s bladder issues are entirely relative, meaning they are subject to different physical and environmental factors, the issue is one that is well known of, with countless vets having their say on what pit bull owners can do in lessening the problems that could come from them.

Bladder problems and pit bulls
A number of dogs suffering from incontinence issues are known to have the combined health and diet complications that lead to their conditions.

Puppies which had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, a condition which is known to have regular thirst and urination as part of its symptoms list, are known to grow up with bladder control problems, and getting to the root of the matter helps resolves any peeing-related problems with dogs.

As a condition, Cushing’s disease is known to be caused by the overproduction of certain hormones by the adrenal glands, typically found in older dogs and not in pups. The fact that it hits pups says something about what their masters have to expect in the future, thus the value in having them thoroughly checked by vets.

A qualified vet would be able to properly assess a pup’s condition, as well as readily come up with a defined treatment plan geared to remedy a dog’s incontinence.

Spaying is also known to cause for bladder problems in certain dogs, particularly when the operation does a number on a dog’s natural hormone level production.

As such, when it comes to bladder problems with pit bulls, the input and advice of a vet comes as highly valued, since a real working solution to the condition can be found, sans the trial-and-error process of testing and seeing to what would best fix a dog’s incontinence.

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