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Bully Pit An American Pit Bull Terrier mixed with a Bull Dog

Mon, Aug 8, 2011


Bully Pit is a hybrid between American Bulldog and an American Pit Bull Terrier…

These are really smart dogs and are very interested to please their owners.  Bully Pit an American pit bull terrier is a breed that needs thorough training otherwise they will start misbehaving. The owner should be able to take control of them. They are known for their bad temperament but there are many Bully Pit dogs that are proven to be kept as family pets. But the owner should be cautious with other dogs or children around. If the owner is aware of taking care of the temperament they will make areal good pet for your family. This dog was called as Nanny’s dog as they looked after the child once they are accustomed to the child.

Bully Pit is a dog with high energy and large size…

They do not mingle well with other dogs or animals. Earlier they were bred to fight with other dogs; they have that trait still in them. They are only aggressive to other dogs and loves the company of people. One should never leave this dog in the company of other dogs. By making Bully pit socialize with other animals and dogs from the earlier stage the aggression towards them can be reduced to some extent. This dog is highly courageous and by giving proper training they can be used as guard dog.
Physically this breed grows to a height of 20-24 inches. The fully grown male dogs weigh about 35-55 pounds and female weigh about 30-50 pounds. They have along life expectancy of 12- 14 years. The maintenance of the coat is easy with its short hairs. Bully Pit show average shedding of hairs. They should be bathed and brushed regularly.

The Bully Pit

mixed breed requires exercise and loves long walks..
They are active even indoors but their size makes it possible to keep them indoors. The litter size of Bully Pit is an average of 5-10 puppies. The main health problem that affects this breed is hip dysplasia. They are also seen to suffer from patella or problems of the kneecap. Thyroid dysfunction and congenital heart disease are the other health problems that can occur to Bully pit.  These dogs have lots of negative publicity because of the ignorance of the people. One should have an idea about the behavior of the dog and should be able to give the command accordingly, and then Bully pit will make a great pet.


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