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Calculating a puppy’s adult weight

Sun, Jun 7, 2015


Calculating a puppy’s adult weight is easy!

Did you know that adult dog weight is predictable when the puppy is only 4 months of age?

To predict the adult size all you do is take your puppy’s weight at  4 months of age double it and add 10 pounds to it. My cane corso puppy is about 5 months old now so I predict her weight to be around 80-84 pounds, notice i did not add the 10 pounds to her weight to keep the weight somewhere accurate as she is 5 months of age.

Weight can vary by a few pounds depending on the type of food given, amount of food given etc. My labrabull or (labrador pit bull mix) was around 30 pounds at 4 months of age and I accurately predicted his weight to be at 60 pounds at adult size. He  is a year and a half now weighing 58 pounds and can gain may be 2 or 3 pound till maturity of 3 years.

What food should I feed my puppy to reach their ideal adult weight?

Both my cane corso and labrabull are currently on CANIDAE® Grain Free pureELEMENTS  a dog food which I highly recommend. I had problems when first switching over to this new food from Royal Canin with out following CANIDAE® instructions so a 24 fast with a  bland diet to start off was required. The CANIDAE® Grain Free pureELEMENTS is for dogs all stages and contains the required nutrients in correct proportions, 32% protein and 18% fat is ideal for any medium and large breed dogs. This nutrient rich food will make your large breed puppy grow at it is natural rate and will not cause bone issues caused by rapid growth due to high protein rich diet.

Calculating a puppy's adult weight

CANIDAE® Pure Elements

Another reason why i recommend this product is because it is All Stages! you can feed your dog one dog food through out their lives and won’t have to deal with loose stools and other issues caused by constant switching of dog foods. Their body will adapt to one dog food, all the beneficial ingredients in it and will keep them at their ideal weight.  Thanks to CANIDAE both of my dogs are at their ideal energy levels, they both have beautiful coats and are very healthy.

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