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Common Pit Bull Allergies

Wed, Nov 21, 2012

Dog Allegies, Pitbull

As with all other dog breeds, pit bulls have their own share of commonly encountered allergies, proving to be the cause of problems for countless pit bulls and their masters.

Regardless of a pit bull’s age, dietary regimen or home setup, there are just certain allergies which come naturally to them, leaving many pit bull owners gripped at the thought of their dogs suffering from itchy or uncomfortable allergic reactions.

Below are three of the more commonly encountered pit bull allergies, with some of the more common treatment options known to effectively control their outbreaks.

Common Pit Bull Allergies
Fleas and Allergic Reactions

As fleas stand to be a common problem with dogs, a number of pit bulls have shown allergic reactions to the presence of fleas, with severe itching being the allergy’s more obvious symptoms.

Not specific only to pit bulls, certain dog breeds are actually prone to flea-centered allergic reactions, typically dogs which are not often exposed to fleas. Allergic reactions to fleas involve a wide spectrum of symptom seriousness, with some pit bulls suffering from one flea bite for days at a time, as others are likely to show minor irritations with a few fleas nested in their coats.

As a remedy, a strict flea control regimen stands to be the best resolution for flea-induced allergic reactions in pit bulls.

Airborne/Inhalant Allergies

Allergies caused by mold, dust mites and pollen also affects a number of pit bulls, leading to symptoms that can either take shape in severe scratching in the part of dogs.

Given the diverse range and degrees of symptoms borne from such allergic reactions, treatment options are also as diverse, ranging from a required thorough elimination of the allergen source to quick remedies like cool baths for pit bulls or ointment-based treatments.

If a pit bull is evidently suffering from pollen, mold and dust mite allergies, consultations with a vet stands to be the more direct and straightforward approach in finding a resolution to the condition.

Food allergies

In certain cases, food products tend to cause allergic reactions to pit bulls, mostly with dog food products made with ingredients that don’t do well with a pit bull’s constitution.

Generally, pit bull and food allergies happen when the ingredients of dog food precuts are made with certain allergy-inducing compounds. Defining which compound or ingredient is somewhat tricky to determine, since certain pit bulls are okay with a particular dog food brand, while others are.

If a pit bull is showing evident signs of allergic reactions to certain foods, it is best not to give him or her the same food product the next time around, followed by a visit to the vet to assess his or her overall health and well being.

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