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Cross breeding Pit Bulls

Fri, Jun 24, 2011


Cross breeding Pit Bulls make the most desirable pups such as the labrabull, pitador, pitweiler etc..

Cross breeding pit bulls keeps the desirable characteristics of a protective guard with a family dog. A perfect examples of this would be the labrabull a labrador and pit bull terrier mix or the Bullboxer a pit bull Boxer mix.

Dog breeding might be a little dodgy issue for you if you are a first time breeder or new to cross breeding pit bulls. It is a process which must we well taught of and must be planned well in advance to avoid any losses in future. It involves a lot of things and a new dog breeder must be ready to accept all the responsibilities that come with it. Such trips require a little bit of money, and at times might involve a lot of expenses, and the first priority must be the proper care of the newborn puppies and the mother.

Ethics of cross breeding pit bulls..

While a majority lot of people when it comes to dog mating are those who sincerely love dogs and want more off springs of their loved pets, there are still some people who mate dogs for solely financial reasons. Well, it’s not wrong to breed dogs for starting your own business or entering competitions such as dog races and sporting contests, but when you’re mating your dog, you should see to it that the dog is properly taken care of. During the period of gestation, you should put the priority of your dog’s healthcare above all other priorities. Using the pets for the sole reason of profit by enslaving them and making them work even during the mating time, pregnancy etc can be really cruel and hurtful.
Thus, if you’re trying to make just money off your pet, a suggestion might be to consider other job alternatives. Also, in many developed countries, it’s a crime to be harsh and cruel to dogs, since the interest of dogs is protected in many countries. Even if it is not, it is advisable not take proper care. It isn’t really worth breeding mixed dogs for money any way as many people are not aware of their great qualities or they will pay the lowest price since it is a mixed dog.

The art of mating when Cross breeding Pit Bulls ..

If you’re the owner of a female dog, you must first visit the veterinarian.

Cross breeding pit bulls

Cros Breeding Pit Bulls

He’ll do a sound check up of your pet and give you a certificate whether it is healthy for mating. If you’re the owner of a male dog, you might ask the owner of the female dog regarding whether the female dog is fertile. Also, discuss with other people in your social network who are dog owners or dog breeders. They can advice you. A usual mating process lasts for around 10 minutes and starting from 9th, every alternate day till 13th are good.

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