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Ear Cropping and Pit Bulls

Mon, Jul 27, 2015


As with tail docking and dew claw “de clawing”, ear cropping remains to be one of the more known “modes” of doggy cosmetic enhancements, with pit bulls not exempt from different ear cropping styles being done on their ears.

Also typically done on other “bully” dog breeds like Great Danes, Dobermans and Boxers, the practice of ear cropping a pit bull’s ears is generally something pet owners would call upon in response to aesthetic needs, for shows or simply based on personal preferences.

Ear Cropping and Pit Bulls
Though certain health issues regarding ears are known to benefit pit bulls from ear cropping surgeries, it is the aesthetic reason which primarily stands to be the reason why countless pit bull owners would opt for having their pit bull’s ears cropped.

As a medical procedure imposed on dogs, ear cropping is not generally viewed as “controversial” as tail docking, with tail docking mostly frowned upon in professionally sanctioned dog shows.

In terms of how ear cropping affects a dog’s hearing capacity, different dog owners who had their dog’s ears crop note that the procedure has shown no signs of weakening their dog’s hearing abilities, but this reasoning hasn’t really convinced anti-dog ear cropping factions into siding with the practice.

With aesthetic reasons being the more fundamental causes for pit bull ear cropping procedures, it has to be said that it is entirely up to the pit bull owner to have his or her pit bull’s ears cropped. That, plus the fact that if he or she can find a trustworthy vet who can do the procedure with the least amount of discomfort for pit bulls, stands to be important considerations, along with the recovery/healing time involved after.

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