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Fri, Aug 24, 2012

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German shepherd mixed Pit Bull  would be on the top of the list if people would list down popular dog breeds when it comes to strength and loyalty. This is the reason why lots of people nowadays are learning the great combination of German Shepherd mixed with Pit bull. Polls and testimonials from dog owners all over the world who own the said mix undoubtedly showed their satisfaction with the result of the mix. The dog is said to be extremely loyal and loving to the owners. In addition to that, they also become great watch dogs.German Shepherd mixed pit bull

Physical attributes of a German Shepherd mixed Pit Bull

When considering the physical attributes of the dog, since German shepherds are fairly taller than pit bulls, the mix can never be taller than regular German shepherds. The result would often be in the middle of the height of pit bulls and German shepherds. This goes the same way with the weight but of course it would have to depend on the diet of the German Shepherd mixed with pit bull. They are medium in size with medium length hair which has various colors depending on the ancestors of the dog. There is a higher probability however that dark colors will prevail.

German Shepherd mixed Pit Bull temperament

Since the main breeds of this mix possess strength and intelligence, it is expected that the mix will also have the qualities. It is however important to train the dog as young as possible so as for the dog to be able to get used to the routine that you want him to follow.  A German shepherd mixed Pit Bull, will have the drive to chase small animals such as cats due to the terrier gene in theme so it is especially important to set the limits early. Training a German Shepherd mixed with pit bull is not a hard thing to do especially since they are famous for their intelligence and willingness. They are pretty energetic and eager to follow. In addition to that, they can possess great leadership after some time.

Taking care of the said mix is not hard. Since the mix is pretty strong, it is a must that the mix can continuously have the exercise its body needs. It is important to have the play time with your pet. This would not serve as the exercise time for the dog but also bonding time between the owner and the pet. The great thing about this specific mix is that these dogs do not need too much grooming. With medium-length coat, brushing may or may not be necessary. Shedding is also not a problem which makes taking care of the said mix easier. House breaking a German Shepherd and Pit Bull mixed puppy  is quick and painless, they are extremely intelligent and can follow instructions very well.

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Pictures of German Shepherd mixed Pit Bull

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