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Heartworms and Pit bulls

Sun, Jan 17, 2016

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As advances in modern medicine have made treatment options and remedies for conditions more and more readily available for different people, advances in modern veterinary medicine have also been good for dogs, with different effective treatments now up and about keeping household doggies happy.

Pit bulls, being one of the more popular dog types kept in homes and households, now no longer have to suffer from various ailments and conditions as they did in the past, with a heartworm parasitic infestation being one good example.

Heartworms and Pit bulls
Heartworms and Pit bulls

As with most health conditions, a case of a heartworm infestation in a pit bull is one that can be quite costly to cure, and depending on the severity, complicated to treat even with today’s modern veterinary standards.

However, heartworm prevention is quite easy and affordable as a treatment option for pit bull pet owners to implement, given the fact that there is only one possible way dogs can get heartworms: From the bite of an infected mosquito.

Vaccination options stand to be a good means of maintaining a dog’s heartworm free status, in ensuring that pit bulls remain heartworm free.

Since mosquitoes are the known carriers of heartworms, keeping bodies of stagnant water clear and clean is also important activities to do, in effectively reducing mosquito numbers and threats from infecting household pit bulls.

If left untreated, a heartworm infestation can actually be the cause of death for a dog, thus the importance of keeping them disease and heartworm free. Regular veterinary checkups remain to be the best means of assessing a dog’s overall health, with different tests designed to easily detect health problems and threats like heartworms.

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