Pit Bull and Wolf Mixes

Wed, Jan 9, 2013

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Arguably, the pit bull is considered to be the most “dangerous” domestic dog breed to keep, a reputation that is borne from the pit bull’s known tenacity for rabid attacks, matched with its often pointed out unpredictable temperament.

So when the subject of a pit bull crossed with a wolf is raised, the cross-breed dog in question is sure to bring up some questions, touching up on different aspects involved in owning a dog.

In most cases, pit bull and wolf crosses are typically encountered in the form of advertisements, announcing that such a crossbreed is available for sale.


Banking on the pit bull’s tough as nails attitude, as well as standing by the wolf’s well known reputation for being a wild animal, different advertisements relate different “background stories” which talk about how the crossbreed dogs came to be.

In most cases, such advertisements tend to be fraudulent, designed to reel in prospective dog owners who don’t really have a firm grasp on pit bulls and dog breeding, but simply in search for an “exotic” and “macho” pet.

Given that owning a pet wolf or a hybrid wolf is illegal in certain territories, a number of fraudulent pit bull-wolf mix ads actually involve pit bulls which are crossed with other “husky type” dog breeds, and not exactly wolf mixes.

Countless owners of part wolf dogs (though it is practically impossible to verify just how authentic their claims are) confess that their dogs are not exactly the most tame, with tendencies that tell of their bordering towards being more wild and more rabid.

All in all, as exciting and interesting as the prospect of owning a pit bull-wolf mix may be, having them around isn’t exactly as ideal as one would think, just as how questionable advertised pit bull and wolf mixes are said to be.

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