Pit Bull Miscarriages – Risks and Dangers

Wed, Feb 13, 2013

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While it is common knowledge that the input of a qualified veterinarian is essential when talking about female pit bulls and miscarriages, the risks and dangers of not having a pit bull checked after a miscarriage is one that is not often talked about in detail, as it should be.

As such, below are some of the reasons why it is still important to have female pit bulls checked after a miscarriage, reasons which prove to be dangerous risk factors to the overall health and well being of a pit bull if left to complicate on their own.

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Infection – infections stand to be one of the biggest risks female pit bulls are exposed to after a miscarriage, one which could prove to be deadly if not properly assessed and treated.

While not all pit bull miscarriages are subject to infections, cases of compounded infections are known to happen some months or years after a miscarriage, cases which could have been avoided with the services and opinions of qualified vets.

Uterine infections are among the most typical types of infections which affect pit bulls after a miscarriage, developing into potentially deadly cases which a female pit bull could be subjected to.

Confirmation behind the reason for the pregnancy/miscarriage – one funny thing about certain pit bull “miscarriages” is that some aren’t exactly miscarriages, in the sense that the pit bull in question wasn’t even pregnant in the first place.

A number of STD’s affecting pit bulls are known to actually lead to infections, with their symptoms showing the classic signs of a dog being pregnant.

For pit bull owners who haven’t had their dog’s pregnancy being checked by a vet, a thorough checkup after a miscarriage would prove to be valuable in assessing the actual condition of a dog.

After all, what had appeared to have been a pit bull miscarriage may just be something else, something more potentially deadly for the pit bull in question.

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