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Pit Bulls and Ear Infections

Sat, Dec 1, 2012

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Ear infections are among the most common problems experienced by domestic dogs, leaving doggy masters, at times, helpless to do anything in lessening their discomfort or pain.

Given the fact that ear infections, particularly extreme cases, are known to affect a dog’s general behavior, ear infections in pit bulls are not really the most ideal mix, given the pit bull’s known temperament and how it could possibly react to physical problems that ail his or her body

A visit to the vet stands to be the best resolution for a pit bull experiencing an ear infection. Pit bull masters can detect the prevalence of an ear infection when a pit bull does more head shaking than usual, along with more frequent ear scratching. The most evident tell-tale sign of an ear infection would take shape in noting how a dog reacts when his or her ears are being touched, either yelping in pain or negatively reacting once their ears are petted.

Pit Bulls and Ear Infections
But as common as the above mentioned ear infection symptoms are, they are not sure fire assurances that tell of ear infections, thus the value of properly having a pit bull checked by a qualified vet.

Flushing, as ear infection remedy

As only a vet could properly assess the condition of a pit bull’s ear infection, there are cases when flushing a pit bull’s ears can actually lessen the discomfort he or she is experiencing.

A solution made of ½ cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup water (purified/mineral) and 1/3 cup white vinegar is known to actually lessen the prevent problems of ear infections, using a long nosed bottle in flushing a pit bull’s ears.

Pit bull masters are advised to flush their dogs twice a day for the first two weeks, then to lessen the flushing frequency in the months following after. The goal of flushing is to clear out the build up of wax in a pit bull’s ears, by squirting the mixed solution, then allowing the dog to shake it off without incident.

Once the flushing is done, pit bull masters should then take out as much of the solution from the dog’s ears by using cotton balls, further cleaning out the ears in the process.

This procedure is best advised for pit bull’s whose ear infections aren’t in an aggravated stage, and should not be considered as a full-blown remedy for compounded ear infections.

As already mentioned, only a vet can truly assess a pit bull’s ear infection treatment, but should your pit bull be experiencing ear infections at their most earliest of stages, you can prevent their complications by implementing a flushing remedy.

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