Pit bulls and eye problems

Sun, Dec 2, 2012

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As a part of the general bull terrier breed, pit bulls are known to have their own share of hereditary eye problems, with a number of pit bulls prone for developing hereditary cataracts or persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV).

With the bull terrier breed ascribed to have originated from England in the 19th Century, the breed has branched into different types of bull terrier variants, with the American pit bull, the American Staffordshire terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier, making them one of the more popular dog breeds in the world.

As such, the aspect of pit bulls and eye problems is one which is well studied and documented, with a number of treatment options already available in helping pit bulls resolve problems with their eyes.

Cataracts stand to be one of the biggest eye problems pit bulls can gain to suffer from, something which every responsible pit bull owner should watch out for, lest they are left with a permanently disabled pit bull.

Pit bulls and eye problems

Cataracts and pit bulls

As an eye condition, cataracts are defined by the clouding of the lens behind the pupil of the eyes, mostly resulting to an evidently cloudy white hue, which, if left untreated will eventually lead to blindness.

Pit bulls, as bull terriers, are known to be prone to develop cataracts when they reach more mature ages, given the genetic disposition of bull terriers for a cataract condition.

Generally, a veterinarian can implement tests on a dog’s genetic bloodline, to verify or assess the “cataract prospects” of a dog as he or she grows older. Tests such as these are typically geared in determining the genetic weakness or defect that causes the development of cataracts, and determining the possibility of cataract problems in dogs helps owners and veterinarians come up with a treatment option that would help dogs keep their vision quality for a long time.

Ideally, pit bull owners should have their dogs screened for genetic eye problems, since finding out helps in properly implementing a healthcare regimen that would keep the dangers of cataracts away.

As a pinch of prevention is a pound of solution, it pays to find out early how liable a pit bull is to have cataracts as he or she grows older.

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