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Pit bulls and mange

Sun, Aug 2, 2015


Though not all pit bulls are liable to suffer from mange, there are instances when pit bulls, even when regularly given their baths, develop them, becoming a huge cause for concern for dog owners, particularly when there is more than one dog around in the household.

Ideally, bringing your pit bull to the vet to solve his or her mange problem is highly advised, given the fact that “mangy conditions” in dogs aren’t always the same.

Pit bulls and mange
Below are some of the more popular mange treatment options prescribed by vets to dogs suffering from mange, to give you an idea of what your pit bull will have to go through, as a means of treatment for his or her mange condition.

Ivermectin – the use of Ivermectin as a means of controlling mange is regulated by certain laws or ordinances, requiring veterinarians to only prescribe a dosage that is administered once a week.

Though cases of it being administered on a regular basis within a two to three week timeframe have proven to be effective, the dosage administration of the drug is highly dependent on a dog’s body weight, something which a qualified vet can easily calculate as the prescribed dosage for your pit bull.

Prolate “Baths” – Prolate is a topical insecticide designed for livestock, and using it in brewing a “bath” for pit bulls have shown positive results, as well as using diluted solutions of it as a “spray”.

Not to be mistaken for a “magical solution” that would clear away a pit bull’s mange condition, the administration of a prolate “bath” generally covers a span of two weeks, with certain mange cases requiring pit bulls to be bathed three times a day.

Again, a qualified vet would be the best person to define what the ideal frequency of such baths should be, as well as how concentrated or how diluted the solution is.

As pit bulls are known to be rather troublesome when it comes to physical ailments, having your pit bull checked early when the signs of mange comes up helps lessen the stress and hassle that come in mange treatments for dogs.

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