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Pit Bulls and Seizures

Mon, Dec 10, 2012

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Seizure-related disorders tend to make up a large chunk of neurologic disorders found in pit bulls, with different veterinary neurologists having a say over the matter.

Though it has to be said that a 1% estimate of the dog populace is known to be affected by seizures, the situation of dogs experiencing epilepsies are known to prevail, with an assessed incidence rate that is somewhere between 15 to 20% of affected canine breeds.

Pit Bulls and Seizures
Types/Classification of Seizures

While pit bulls are not exactly known to be liable to suffer from seizure attacks, different pit bull owners confess that their pit bulls have had their share of attacks, generally involving the different types or classifications of seizures.

From the general seizure to partial seizure, it is in the loss of consciousness (nor not) that the seizure levels experience by pit bulls can be described. Taking note of a pit bull’s consciousness during an attack is then important in assessing the proper treatment option which a veterinary neurologist can prescribe for a dog.

Treatment Options

Anticonvulsants are considered to be the best “quick” remedies for pit bulls suffering from epileptic seizures, but it is in fully assessing the source of the condition where a real treatment option for the condition is found.

Given the fact that the treatment options for epilepsy in cats and dogs are quite limited, the best mode of treatment for pit bulls suffering from seizures would involve comprehensive check ups by qualified vets, who can properly prescribe the right medications and dietary plans geared in lessening the dangers of an epileptic attack.

For pit bull owners whose pit bulls are showing signs of convulsions and seizures, the best course of action would be to have their dogs thoroughly checked, to properly diagnose the cause of the condition, thereby coming to a real solution to the problem.

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