Pit Bulls and Wounds

Sun, Aug 30, 2015

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Wounds tend to be an issue for pit bulls, requiring special care and attention in the part of their owners.

From being the root cause of complications, to being the source of compounded infections and other diseases, keeping a pit bull’s wounds clean is a priority which every responsible pit bull owner should never forget.
Pit bull and Wounds
But as every pit bull is liable to lick their wounds, the task of keeping wounds clean is not as easy as it would appear to be.

Here are some points worth knowing about, in helping a pit bull’s wounds heal at their best and cleanest.

Bandaging – For non-serious wounds, the option of bandaging them is the best recourse a pit bull owner could implement, in ensuring that a wound doesn’t get in contact with dirt and other potential risk factors.

Though the application of a bandage is relatively easy and straightforward, pit bull owners shouldn’t forget that bandages should be regularly changed, in making sure that bandages themselves don’t actually lead to the cause of bacterial infections and such.

Wet-to-dry bandages are great options to use, since bandages of this type are designed to “bring out” or “absorb” prospective irritants from a pit bull’s wound.

The Option in Surgical Closures – For serious wounds, the option in having them stitched proves to be a smart move, given the countless risks a pit bull is exposed to if they are left to heal on their own.

By stitching a dog’s wounds, the woes encountered in healing wounds are kept at their most minimum of degrees, something which works to the advantage of pit bull owners, particularly if their pits love to run around or roll about weeds and/or grass.

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