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Pregnancy Stages and Pit Bulls

Wed, Dec 19, 2012

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The pregnancy stages of pit bulls is something that isn’t always often talked about the breed, considering the fact that most pit bull discussions delve into how ferocious or how “bad ass” a pit bull looks.

But as the facts of life would note, pit bulls do get pregnant, with mother pit bulls giving birth to a litter of pups within a 7week pregnancy period.

For pit bull owners who have often wondered about the pregnancy stages of female pit bulls, below is a quick take on the subject.

Pregnancy Stages and Pit Bulls
Conception and Four Weeks After – the thing about pregnant pits is that “detecting” them doesn’t necessarily require tests, since evident physical changes would suffice in saying something about a female pit bull’s condition.

For one, a pregnant pit bull’s nipples tend to turn into a darker shade of pink, and could also appear larger than they normally are.

Also, pit bulls, within the first four weeks after conception, exhibit what is known as mood swings, with some even showing signs of morning sickness, though this isn’t something that is always evident in all pregnant pits.

The Fifth and Sixth Weeks – by the fifth and sixth weeks, the “bump” of a pregnant pit bull is more defined.

Also, a pregnant pit bull is more liable to be more conscious with her grooming, and will also get herself busy in finding a spot where she could give birth.

During these stages, pregnant pit bulls are more tuned for small meals, rather than simply having one large meal, something which pit bull owners should think about when it comes to feeding pregnant pits.

Seventh Week – generally, female dogs give birth somewhere within 7 to 10 weeks, somewhere in between 54 and 72 days.

However, most dogs are known to give birth within the 9 week period, but cases of pregnant pit bulls giving birth earlier or later are known to exist.

When it comes to giving birth, the presence of a professional veterinarian is highly advised, especially when birth defects in the pregnant pit bull’s pups had been detected during the early stages of pregnancy.

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