Rabies shots and pit bull pups

Wed, Oct 14, 2015


As with all other types of dog, pit bulls are also liable to have rabies, something which every pit bull owner should think about given the pit bull’s reputation for aggression and attacks.

Given the fact that rabies infects dogs of different ages, it is best to have pit bulls rabies vaccinated as soon as possible, in an effort to avoid future problems which involve pit bulls biting people.

But as understandable as the logic behind having pit bulls vaccinated early is, there are a lot of questions surrounding the whole rabies vaccination process. Below are two answers to frequently asked pit bull and rabies vaccination questions.

Rabies shots and pit bull pups
How soon should a pit bull have rabies vaccinations?

Pit bull pups can be vaccinated for rabies as early as they hit six weeks old. Ideally, it is best to give them their rabies shots early, during a stage in their lives when they are not likely to be fickle when injections are being talked about since this would lessen the hassle involved in the whole vaccination process.

Also, having them vaccinated for rabies early affords pet pit bull owners the advantage of not having to worry about their pups accidentally biting people and spreading the rabies virus.

Is there a law that regulates the frequency or the when aspects of rabies vaccinations?

With rabies known to take place within the first 15 to 26 weeks of a dog’s life, different states have different regulations as to how soon one should have his or her dog vaccinated for rabies.

Depending on where you are based, it is best to get the feedback of a veterinarian over the how soon and the legal rules covering rabies vaccinations. That visit to the vet could also prove to be beneficial for you and your pit bull pup, since a vet could also address other health problems or potential health problems which your pit bull could experience as he or she grows older.

Keep in mind that rabies vaccinations are not technically optional when talking about keeping pet dogs, pit bulls or otherwise. Do well in remembering that it is every dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dogs are free from the dangers of rabies.

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