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Reasons why getting a pit bull is a good idea

Sat, Nov 21, 2015


While public opinion has put pit bulls as dangerous dogs to keep, the truth about the breed has been widely misunderstood, borne from bad press and bad publicity.

With more than 4 million animals known to be “put to sleep” in countless animal shelters based in the United States each year, pit bulls are part of the many dogs which are euthanized, mostly picked out as rescue dogs over other breeds due to their bad rep.
getting a pit bull
Below are some of the reasons why those who are looking into adopting rescue dogs shouldn’t ignore pit bulls as worthy addition to their homes.

Pit Bull Intelligence and Trainability – Contrary to the rabid natures the pit bull is associated with by many, the dog breed is actually quite intelligent and highly trainable, with its intelligence and trainability being one of the top reasons why they are easily exploited as “fighting dogs”.

It is not true that pit bulls, as a breed, are built simply for attacking or being vicious.

Pit Bull Maintenance and Care – Having short coats, pit bull maintenance isn’t as demanding as other dog breeds, not necessarily requiring regular brushing as part of their grooming regimen.

Strong and built with a robust stamina, the pit bull breed also lives long lifespans, with their companionship lasting somewhere around 10 to 12 years.

The Affectionate Pit Bull – The affectionate nature of pit bulls is, again, overshadowed by the bad press the dog breed has been getting.

Contrary to what is being said about the breed, pit bulls are very sociable animals, with more interaction proven to be more beneficial in keeping the breed happy, cool, calm and collected.


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