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Skin Problems in Dogs

Sun, May 31, 2015


Skin Problems in Dogs explored..

Similar to human beings, dogs can also suffer from skin problems. To treat any type of skin disorder your dog is suffering from, you have to find out what is causing it. This article will discuss the most common types of skin disorders dogs suffer.

First of all, ticks and fleas are very common problems for dogs and other animals. These parasites using stay on the surface of the dogs’ skin and feed off its blood. Skin irritation is mainly caused by the saliva from the parasites’ transferred during feeding. The saliva causes intense itchiness and will cause your dog to scratch intensely.

Another type of skin problems in dogs is mange or scabies.

Mange is a condition where mites burrow under your dog’s skin. This condition is quite intense because it will cause your dog to suffer agonizing itching. The itching can be so intense that inflamed red skin or even bald spots can often be seen on the dog. But depending on the type of parasite involved it can only be demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. At times the scabies would also lay their eggs in the tunnels that they have burrowed underneath the skin. If your dog is suffering this, you should also be careful because you may also be infected with this condition. But it is easier to treat for humans compared to dogs since there are various types of over the counter medications to treat this condition.

A simple and effective method to eradicate mites investing your dog is to soak your dog in a lime and sulfur mixture. Do this about 3 times a week for around 15 minutes. It is important to rinse of this mixture but leave it to dry on the dog’s fur and skin. It is important to observe your dog carefully during this time to prevent your dog from liking the mixture dry. Traces of the mixture should stay on the fur and skin as long as possible to avoid infestation.

Other issues causing skin problems in dogs..

Just in case you cannot find any type of insects or parasites on your dog’s skin or fur, it is important to consult with a vet if your dog is itching. There can be a possibility that your dog has an allergy or is suffering from dry skin or fur. It is important to see a vet as soon as you notice your dog is scratching more than normal and is in intense pain.

My personal experience with skin problems in dogs..

I had a Boxer dog a few years ago with skin problems,  he was shedding from the neck area and the skin was turning red. I have taken him to the vet numerous times and they could not find the problem. They gave me all sorts of creams and antibiotics for my dog that never worked or worked temporarily. The skin issue never cleared up and came back even worse. After months of researching on the internet for a cure, what worked for me was to change his food to something with no gluten. I concluded that gluten in foods are the cause of many of the skin problems in dogs. You should always feed your dog gluten free foods such as Blue Buffalo.  It will take a month for the skin issues to clear up and always be sure to switch your dogs food gradually.

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