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The Dogo Argentino a Pit Bull mixed breed

Mon, May 25, 2015


The Dogo Argentino is considered to be one of the legendary dogs in the dog world. This Argentinian mastiff is indeed a Bully mixed breed as well as they are part Bull Terrier. They share a muscular build and are specifically made for hunting purposes. They were first bred in the 1920’s and their ancestry leads back to the Cordoban fighting dog.

The appearance of the Dogo Argentino..

Dogo’s stand 23.6 to 25.6 in height and weights about 100 pounds. The females Dogo’s share a longer body than the males. Their heads are broad and looks similar to those of a tall American pit bull terrier’s. The Dogo’s genetic disposition gives them a solid white color. If any markings are found it is considered to be a flaw which sets them back from being a show dog.

Dogo Argentino’s health..

They are generally a healthy breed though they share a 10 percent deafness possibility due to their white pigment. Like most long boned dogs they are also prone to hip problems as they age. Their life span range from 9-13 years.

Dogo Argentino’s temperament..

You don’t commonly find Dogo’s as house pets but they are starting to come around. They were mostly used for game hunting, police work and for military operations. Dogo’s require stern owners to teach them their place in the pack. Once thier rank is accomplished they make strong and protective companions. They do not get along very well with other dominant dogs unless they are socialized very early. They are fierce and will guard their territory from any opposition.

What breeds make up the Dogo Argentino..

The dogo is a composition of many breeds as well as their unique qualities. The Dogo was first bred by Antonio Norez Martinez in the 1930’s and he used the Cordoba fighting dog as the base genetic disposition. This breed is currently extinct but it was said to be fierce, a great hunter and a fighter. The Cordoba was then crossed with Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and the Dogue De Bordeaux.

The best Dogo Argentino video reference that discuses the selective breeding further..


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4 Responses to “The Dogo Argentino a Pit Bull mixed breed”

  1. Nick Says:

    The Dogo is NOT related to the Pit Bull and so is not a Pit Bull mix. Nowhere in it’s foundation stock does it have a Pit Bull or any breed considered to be a pit. Don’t mislead people into thinking this.

  2. admin Says:

    You have brought up a valid point I have changed the post according to this. The Dogo history says one of the dogs that is part of the gene pool is the Bull Terrier part Bull Dog. The bull dog gene pool is found within the Pit Bull. From the appearance of the Dogo you can clearly tell they have bully in them. This makes the dogo a part bully. See here http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/dogo.htm

  3. Nick Says:

    Yes, i agree. The dogo looks like a bully breed, and it definitely has some bully in its blood. Bullies and staffies share a common bulldog ancestor, which was much different from the bulldog we know today. The dogo, having the bully as one of it’s foundation breeds, also has this ancestor.

    Unfortunately, many bully breeds have gained a bad reputation and the name “pit bull” has been used to describe many of them. That’s why I’m very careful in not referring to bully breeds as pits. It’s a sad situation when people judge a dog and it’s owner just because the dog has a large head and muscular body. That is why I posted. I’d hate to see a rare breed like the dogo be labeled as a pit and carry the same undeserving reputation and fear. That being said, thanks for the great post and for changing the wording.


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