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The Ideal Weight of Pit Bulls

Sun, Dec 9, 2012

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As with all other creatures, pit bulls have their own ideal weight values, but these values are not as pre-defined as charts for human beings are.

With the average adult male pit bull weighing somewhere between 50 to 75 pounds, different pit bull owners have had their own share of conundrums in finding out what their pit bull’s ideal weights should be, with most pit bull weights effectively monitored during their pup to young dog age stages.

As different vets, pit bull breed experts and owners would convey their own ideal weight standards for pit bulls, below are some of the more known ideal weight identification systems for pit bulls, religiously followed by different pit bull owners in assessing the ideal weight figures of their dogs.

The Ideal Weight of Pit Bulls
Weight figures should double every four months for pups

Generally, the ideal weight of a pit bull pup can be determined by assessing his or her weight gain every four months. For pit bull pups, this is one figure which should be monitored within the first year, and should not ideally go beyond 70 pounds.

If a pit bull does get to weigh that much, it is apparently at risk of being overweight.

Physical Assessments and Weight Standards

Apart from monitoring a pit bull’s age, assessing its ideal weight figure by looking into its physical form factors (length and height) helps determine what its ideal weight value should be.

For the best assessments, pit bull owners are advised to consult with their veterinarians, since these figures and assessment values are generally based on a pit bull’s actual breeding status, as well as other health considerations.

By keeping tabs on a pit bull’s weight, pit bull owners can effectively ensure that they remain well and healthy, as happy dogs who are at their most active and energetic.

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