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The most common pit bull “bloodline”?

Sat, Jul 25, 2015


When talking about pit bulls, the matter of pit bull “bloodlines” is one which can not be avoided, yet many are not aware that talking about pit bull “bloodlines” is one of the more irrelevant topics to talk about the dog breed.

Ascribed to be one of the “myths” or “urban legends” revolving around pit bulls, the origin of the pit bull “bloodline” is said to have hailed from a male pit bull’s fighting ability, which different opportunists had capitalized on when selling pit bull pups to different would-be owners.

pitbull bloodline
Because of the overbreeding practices of the pit bull breed, establishing a truly accurate “bloodline” has somewhat become an impossible task to accomplish, making the whole aspect of pit bull bloodlines and lineage a variable used in pushing for the sale of pit bull pups.

In pit bull pet circles, labels tend to be a huge matter of importance, one which can also be found in other types of pet circles, thus the reason why “bloodlines” are often brought up.

Through the use of pit bull “bloodlines”, owners who wish to sell out their pups find a means of jacking up the price of their respective sale-price terms, pointing out a pup’s “bloodline” as the reason for its high price.

With not everyone aware of how generally weak and irrelevant bloodlines are with pit bulls, what with its rampant overbreeding, many have been subjected to cons and fraudulent claims, denoting the superiority of one “bloodline” over the other when the truth would say there’s really no main concern about pit bulls and “bloodlines”.

Those in search for quality pit bulls will have to thoroughly assess the pit bull pup that is shown to them, focusing all their attention to its physical characteristics and traits as pit bulls.

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