The Most Common Pit Bull Health Problems

Thu, Dec 20, 2012

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As with all other types of pets, pit bulls have their own share of top health problems, health conditions which don’t necessarily translate to a sure-fire pit bull problem, but something which responsible pit bull owners should think about and consider on a regular basis.

Pit Bull Health Problems
Below are some of the top health problems known to plague pit bulls, as well as their owners and health care providers.

Hip Dysplasia – As a condition, hip dysplasia is the top health problems often found in pit bulls, with stats taken the Orthopedic Foundation of America.

In an evaluation spearheaded by the same organization, the x-rays of a total of 480 pit bulls were taken, with 22% of that number revealing to be suffering from the condition. Given that pit bulls are classified as medium sized dogs, the 22% is actually quite high.

Elbow Dysplasia is also known to be quite high in pit bulls, rating 14% of the same number of pits.

In a similar study with other dog breds, the Boxer turned out to have 0% elbow dysplasia cases.

Hypothyroidism – Based on statistics taken from the Michigan State University Thyroid Database, pit bulls are known to the 4th of the highest rates of hypothyroidism found in dogs, based on a study that looked into the physical characteristics of 140 breeds.

The same statistics note that 25% of pit bulls are liable to encounter the condition.

Skin Problems – Allergies and other skin irritations are also quite common for pit bulls, mostly taking shape in allergies and bacterial infections.

One of the most common skin problems encountered by pit bull pups and “adolescents” would be demodectic mange, and as common as these conditions are, treatments for them are also readily available in most veterinarian service rosters.

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