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Thu, Oct 15, 2015


With man’s best friend known for his guarding skills, the pit bull makes for good guard dogs, given the dog breed’s established reputation for being tough-as-nails dogs.

However, just because a pit bull is intended for guard duties doesn’t mean that they can be neglected only as functional dogs, given the fact that care and human interaction should still be given to them, just as though they were household dogs.

Guard Dog Pit bull
As a dog breed, the pit bull’s tenacity for attacks is quite well known, with countless cases of pit bulls attacking people to serious and drastic results.

This may sound like the attributes which define the perfect guard dog, but as countless cases have proven, there is a significant weight of responsibility which owners will have to deal with when their pit bull guard dogs mistakenly attack people, like in the case of people mistaken by a pit bull guard dog as an intruder.

Such cases say a lot about how attentive pit bulls are when it comes to guarding what they are tasked to, but this won’t exactly amount to much when its first reactions would be that of attacking without assessing the situation.

In most cases, guard dog pit bulls are kept in secure enclosures which are essentially designed to keep strangers out, matched with signs warning would-be intruders that there is a pit bull guard dog watching over the place.

The setup has proven to be effective in keeping would be thieves and robbers from breaking in homes and places of business, just as regular human companionship and interaction with humans are highly advised in keeping the wild-sides of guard dog pit bulls from taking over them.

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