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Treating diarrhea in dogs and puppies

Wed, Jul 20, 2011


Diarrhea in dogs and puppies is a common issue..

It can be brought on due to many different reasons. Puppies can get diarrhea from worms when they are not yet dewormed. Dogs can get diarrhea by eating grass, dirt or a sudden change in food and stress. Diarrhea can turn into a life threatening problem if it is ignored and too much water is lost from the dogs or puppy’s body. The good thing to remember is that diarrhea is curable.

If the diarrhea in dogs and puppies is commonly caused due to ingestion of something or a change in food try the following. Be sure to have plenty of water available to them. After fasting them for 24 hours start off feeding them rice mixed with little papaya and some shredded chicken breast. The 2nd time around start introducing their regular food mixed with it, half a cup at a time. You can eventually replace the whole tray with their regular food, use this method when switching over to new foods as well.

If the diarrhea in dogs and puppies persists after this method take them to the vet immediately as there is an underlying cause. Always make sure they are well hydrated, puppies can quickly die from dehydration. If everything comes out ok after visiting the vet and you’ve tried the above method it is possible some dogs may still have diarrhea due to their highly sensitive stomachs. You may want to switch over to a food specially made for sensitive stomachs such as Royal Canin or the new Canidae ALS formula. Foods that contain sweet potatoes helps as it is a natural stool hardener.

You can also buy nutri-cal for puppies which replenishes their nutrients, sugars and calories during this difficult period.


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