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Understanding Pit Bulls

Sat, Jul 25, 2015

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With the pit bull’s reputation for violence and being unpredictable, the dog breed has long been described as “risky”, given the number of cases involving pit bull attacks currently ongoing in US courts.

But as bad as the pit bull’s reputation is, new developments involving the breeding quality of pit bulls have shone them in a different light, matched by an owner’s understanding over the particulars and specifics which are required in keeping pit bulls in line.

Though liable to succumb to their hot temperaments, pit bulls can be effectively kept in control, disciplined and non-violent to anything that comes to their attention.

Understanding Pit Bulls
Below are pointers which pit bull owners should know about, in keeping their pit bulls in check.

The Value of Obedience Classes – As dogs, pit bulls can be readily trained to do different tricks, as well as react to a different set of commands voiced out by their masters.

Obedience Classes are known to readily help pit bull owners take better control of their dogs, doing away with problems related to their pit bulls attacking pedestrians or anyone who happens to come their way.

Not Underestimating a Pit Bull’s Determination – If anything, it is the pit bull’s determination that actually defines them, with pit bulls known to not anything get in the way of whatever it is he or she wants to accomplish.

As such, it is best to actually never underestimate how determined a pit bull can be, leaving owners to find out just what a pit bull wants and to find workarounds which could actually sate their desires.

The Pit Bull’s Energy – Keeping pit bulls in enclosures or kennel-cages may be a means of controlling them, but pit bull owners have to bear in mind that pit bulls are energetic dogs who need to release some of that energy through regular exercise and activities.

Keeping them in one space for extended durations won’t curb their desires to move about. Though putting them in kennel-cages ensures that they don’t get to wander about free, pit bull owners should always remember to let their pit bulls out on regular exercise runs, in an effort to keep them happy and sated.

Do well in keeping the above mentioned tips in mind when talking about curbing your pit bull’s temperament, and you’ll find yourself with a loyal obedient dog.

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