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Positive Puppy Training

Puppies are cute and cuddly little things. However, training these cute little creatures can be a difficult task. Often times, people get frustrated and resort to violent methods of training. This is a guide in training your puppy in a positive manner.

With young puppies, it is necessary to enforce a positive reinforcement style of training. By giving puppy’s praises and rewards upon completion of positive behavior, you are encouraging proper behavior. It is never too early to start training, once you bring your adorable little companion home, you can start your positive training in every little way. Puppies are like children, you want to set them both u[p to succeed, and enforce desirable traits. Rather than correcting behavior later on, it is best to start them on the right path from the beginning.

It is important to keep your training sessions consistent, fun, and at a proper length.  The key is to start enforcing easy commands, and then build on the succession, and repetition is a must! Do not use training methods based on violence and avoidance. You want your puppy to actually enjoy its training sessions with you; this will heighten his or her confidence.

Don’t forget that you are in fact dealing with a very young animal. People often overlook patience, fairness, and realism when training their puppies. Your puppy DOES NOT automatically know this stuff! Your puppy is of course bound to make mistakes, but do not punish them harshly for this. As a trainer, do your best to prevent these mistakes from occurring again.

Puppy hood is a time that is used to lay the foundation of your puppy’s life. It is advised that you use this important period of time as a way to develop a special bond with your puppy. Once this bond is established, your puppy will be able to understand what is right from wrong, and he/she will serve as a loyal companion for the rest of your life! To ensure this of happening, it is important that you start off training your puppy in a positive manner.

Training young puppies with positive reinforcement

Nala the cane Corso pup

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